Weird Thoughts

I have an excuse for weird thinking. Actually I have an excuse and I have a reason. My excuse for having strange, yeah, weird, thought is I spend hours a day writing fiction. Hope you buy into that. The real reason is I’m weird. I’ve always had weird takes on things. I didn’t know they were weird. It took hundreds of people telling me before I started thinking…shit, I guess I am weird.

I was an avid comic book reader as a kid. Not at all now. I’m not all that wrapped up in the Marvel Movie craze, but I appreciate the technical wizardry and the super heroes saving the day. It seems most of them, not Iron Man, were freaks of chemistry.

So, I was thinking…What if there was this potion that would do strange things to your senses? Before you drink it, you have to write down and think about the one sense you want magnified to super hero specifications. However, the rest of your senses would be dulled. We got Seeing, Smelling, Touching, Hearing and Tasting. Two Questions: Would you sip it? Which sense do you want magnified?

So, I was thinking…What is the next big technological innovation we HAVE to have? Jetpacks?  Hoverboards? Remember when Marty McFly told us thirty years ago we would have a hoverboard in 30 years?  Well?  By the way, I did find one that’s as close as a hoverboard will ever get. Do check out this new toy:

I think the next “got to have it” thing is just a few months away. I believe Microsoft is going to make me very happy I have their stock. The new HoloLens glasses should be very cool. It looks like they will be out with Windows 10 this fall. And I was thinking…all the things I will be able to do with my HoloLens. I can wear them out to my driveway and my Honda Civic becomes a Ferrari. I can try new furniture throughout my house and see how it looks and fits. I can play paintball without getting paint anywhere. Remember…No Wires!  You can put these on and roll.


 So I was thinking… while watching the unveiling of Caitlyn Jenner…If I was going to do a gender change I’d have to pick my new name. I’m stuck. I can’t come up with a new first name I like. Caitlyn’s not bad, but I’d be called copycat. Hey guys, what girly name would you choose?

So I was thinking…possibly someday, but not in my lifetime, all the necessary ingredients for a proper day’s nutrition could be had in a single pill. No preparation, no deciding what to eat, no chewing, no tasting, no clean-up…Would I do it?  Would you do it?

My last weird thought to share today happened in the jury box two weeks ago. Thankfully they kicked me off the final 12 before the trial started because I might have cracked up during the trial. The reason…the morning I sat in the jury pool waiting to be called I was reading my email and a wonderful ornery friend sent me this joke. While the judge was questioning me I remembered it and smiled at a very inappropriate time.

The defendant was before the judge in court. The judge says, “You have been charged with the murder of your wife by smashing her skull with a hammer until she was dead.”

 A voice from the back of the court yells, “You bastard!!!”

 Next the judge says “You have also been charged with the death of your mother-in-law by smashing her skull with a hammer until she was dead.”

 Again the voice from the back of court yells “You’re a bastard!”

 The judge looks towards the back of the court and says “if the man in the back can’t control himself I will have to ask him to leave.”

 The man replies “I’m sorry judge, but I lived next to that bastard for 20 years and every time I asked him if I could borrow a hammer he’d tell me he didn’t have one”

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2 Responses to Weird Thoughts

  1. These are not weird thoughts. These are very interesting thoughts from a person who is decidedly less boring than most of the humans bumping into each other on this planet. Thanks for this blog post. I loved it! And answers to your interesting thoughts:

    1. I wouldn’t take the potion to change any of my senses. I’m already finely calibrated to the way they are now and don’t want to waste time relearning how to absorb data from my environment. That would be an inefficient use of the time I have on Earth, and it would interrupt my project timelines.

    2. The next technological innovation we NEED to have is fully modular and easy-to-transport tiny houses. It won’t be long before we can print most of our goods and can work with our teams by internet. So why live in one place? Nothing will tie us down anymore, geographically speaking. People are already building and living in tiny houses on trailers that they drive around the country. Why not make it easy? Plug and play power, plumbing, and living spaces that we can plug in in any city for a day or a week.

    3. You can borrow my name if you like. We can be the Mandies. You’d make an ugly girl, but I’d hang out with you anyway 😀

    4. Love the idea of a full-spectrum nutrition tablet. I HATE wasting time cooking and cleaning. I mean, I love food. But only for recreational purposes 😀 When I’m working, it would be nice not to have to bother. Imagine how much more work I could get done! Yes!

    • bakoheat says:

      Thanks for the brilliant replies. I agree with each of your answers. I love the name Mandy, and if Mandy Patinkin and you wear it so perfectly I may borrow it without becoming an ugly girl.

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