Morning Joe

I don’t know the exact month or year I stopped my morning “joe.” No, not the blowhard talking head on MSNBC, I mean the real morning joe.
Jitter Juice.
Jet Fuel.
Daily Grind.
Wakey Juice.

I remember stopping my first addiction, Pall Malls, on February 10, 1971. I was close to three packs a day. Sixty cancer sticks each and every day. I remember reaching in my shirt pocket to pull out a phantom cigarette for the next year or so. It was a tough addiction to quit, but I did it cold turkey. I also had a $100 bet with a friend. He still owes me, but I can’t collect. He died of lung cancer fifteen years ago.

I quit my beloved coffee cold turkey in either ’88 or ’89.  I don’t’ remember. I do remember the physical hell I went through for a week. As a traveling salesman I was on the California freeways daily. My front windshield was a constant blur of flashing stars (in the daytime) hallucinations and pounding headaches. It lasted five days. Five days of hell. I quit coffee because I couldn’t say no to a cup. My customers always offered one and I always accepted. I loved it, even the murky bitter crap made in a dirty percolator in the back room of a music store in Yucaipa.

It was no wonder I was having knifing pains in my gut in the late afternoon hours. But, being a little slow on the draw, I figured it had to be stomach cancer or ulcers. For a few months I didn’t know what was happening to my stomach. Then one day it didn’t hurt. The next day it did. I figured out the only difference was I didn’t drink coffee the afternoon of the pain-free day. Hurray!

A normal man would have said to himself, “cut back, dude, cut back on the java.” But I was angry, just like I was when I had my coughing fits from smoking. I was not going to allow one thing in this world to addict me. I quit coffee that day….cold turkey.

UNTIL TODAY!  Twenty six or twenty seven years later since my last coffee, I just drank my first complete cup of black coffee. Not bad.
cup of coffee

I’ve been told and I’ve read that coffee is pretty damn good for me. In moderation of course. It’s sure a lot better for me than the Chai Tea I’ve been drinking for twenty some years. (Lots of sugar, milk and preservatives in my favorite type)

We have a Keurig because we have only had one morning coffee drinker in the family. We have every type of K-cup ever made. Some even without flavors. About a month ago I decided to try coffee. I chose some French Roast something or other. Yuk. I spit it out and stayed with the Chai.

Well today, I successfully drank and somewhat enjoyed a K-cup of Medium Roast Donut Shop. Not bad. And I feel my brain ticking. Very cool.
Bye Chai.  I will not give you up completely, but mostly.

To be continued…drink coffee


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4 Responses to Morning Joe

  1. fiddlrs says:

    I presume it is fortunate for me that I have a limited tolerance for caffeine. (My heart does funny things on a high dose. Low dose is fine.) Thus, I have my mug in the morning, and occasionally a decaf cup later. I’ve had this low-level addiction since age 5, when my parents discovered that coffee can help asthma. (It actually can work, and you can get a prescription for the active ingredients. But coffee tastes so much better.) I still find that my lungs tolerate running – particularly during cold weather – if I have my mug of Joe first.

  2. elizabeth reynolds says:

    I’m a hard core caffeine addict….following an MI two years ago, finally stopped smoking, but will not give up the coffee….must still have my morning cuppa….usually /c one sugar…(though damn it! “sugar causes wrinkles”)…also helps for the occasional headache!

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