I’ve never been a big Pope fan, any Pope.

But, I like this Pope. I wish he wasn’t coming to America. Too many haters here. I hope he stays inside his bubble-top Pope-mobile and stays safe.

His Encyclical on Global Warming certainly riled up the ignorant, didn’t it? One of the dumber of the national writers is Rich Lowry. He sometimes says things I can’t believe he thought out before he wrote them.

Last week Rich Lowry was going out of his mind about the Pope talking about Global Warming. He said in his column the “Pope has gone off the rails.” Rich Lowry is another one of the people who always say, “I’m no scientist, but….blah blah blah, then basically say that 98% of the world’s scientists don’t know what they are talking about.

Here is my favorite Rich Lowry quote from his “pope off the rails” column. He said, “The best thing that can happen to developing countries now is that they follow our (USA) example of economic growth driven in part by cheap energy.”

HA! Can you imagine the rest of the world following OUR EXAMPLE?

If we look at the world right now, 2015, the entire globe is living at 15% over the bio-capacity of the earth to sustain us. In other words, our current infrastructure, arable acreage, cheap energy costs, ocean and forest resources, along with many other significant measurable needs is NOT ENOUGH TO SUSTAIN US. We are 15% over capacity.

Now let’s have the undeveloped countries follow our example. Our (USA) per capita footprint of using the earth’s resources is the largest on the globe. So, if the rest of the world follows the advice or Rich Lowry we would need FIVE PLANETS to sustain us. That’s FIVE EARTHS!

I think we need another Encyclical from the Pope. This one needs to talk about the other REAL problem we face. OVERPOPULATION!

Okay, Pope Francis, please start working on that other Encyclical on

Thank you.

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