Into the Valley of Dearth Wrote the 600

The other day a friend asked me how I decide what I’m going to write three times a week. Good question. Wish I could answer it.

We all have a “thing” about numbered milestones. Six hundred is a cool number.

Today is the 600th time I’ve posted words and sentences and a few ideas and weird thoughts to this blog “Bako Heat.” At least five hundred of those times I had no frigging idea what I was going to write the evening before post time.
Frustrated writer2

Sometimes, like the past couple of weeks, there is an air of depression, anger, bitterness and frustration everywhere. Some fanatic thug ruins, kills, desecrates… whatever… and the 24-hour news cycle, the morning fish-wrap and every radio newsbreak is a constant reminder. So, when it’s time to write something my brain is overloaded with sadness, anger and vitriol.
frustrated writer
Then I just write to hear myself. You certainly are not interested in more of the same crap you’re getting everywhere your ears and eyes travel. I will try to do better in the future. It may be difficult because there are about a dozen or so candidates who are bound to piss me off with their unbelievable remarks (like the Trumpster), but I will try to keep this blog lighter, happier and a refuge for those who don’t mind serious stuff or funny stuff,  just anything but politics and religion.

My main love of writing is fiction. I love to make stuff up. I love to play God and create people. I love to write novels, short stories and flash fiction. I also love to write songs.

In a few months Novel #3 will be finished, edited and published. I need more time for #4. I need more time for music. I need more time to make stuff up.

So it’s time to cut back on the three times per week of this blog. Starting next week I will post to this blog on Monday and Friday. Hope you keep reading.

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