What a strange and meaningful word. A word that lets us make up a meaning. If we pronounce it with three syllables, emphasis on the third syllable, we could say, “Yes dear, the bills are enve-loped and are awaiting postage.”

But only I will use it as such.

When we use it properly, emphasis on the second of its two syllables, the verb now smothers us in meaning. Every day of this week I have been enveloped with a different noun.

When we left Bakersfield on Saturday morning, we had been enveloped in our normal desert heat for a week. On Saturday, and on the days to follow this week, without us being there (thank you very much), our friends and neighbors became enveloped in a rare non-treat of humidity. As Floridians and other areas know, humidity truly envelops you.







With our lucky timing we spent Saturday enveloped by the beauty of quaint Petaluma and renewed friendship with old friends. Friendship envelops the heart like nothing short of true love.

Sunday through today in Humboldt, the weather enveloped our spirits. Every morning I have watched the rolling fog envelope the hillsides and create a cool marine layer that lasts until mid-afternoon.
fog rolling1









Then the temperatures soar ten degrees or more into the low ‘60s.
Yeah, I k now, tough.

With the bright sun invigorating the soul, I traipse every day onto a trail that must have no end (at least I’ve never found it). It is the most unique hike one could wish for. The entire trail is enveloped with giant redwoods, creating a sanctuary of bliss. On each side of the trail there is the stereo gurgling of twin streams pouring over rocks racing each other to the Pacific. Earphones hear are blasphemy. I am enveloped in rare nature.









In late afternoon, the concerts begin. Can you imagine hearing twenty different chamber music concerts every evening played by ninety of the finest chamber players one could imagine? They come from all regions and all walks of life. They gather every year to fulfill their passion…chamber music. Combinations of strings, horns and piano, from groups of three to ten.
chamber players3 Every morning they are assigned a group and a musical piece, maybe one they have never read before. They work all day to perfect and blend. And they do, beyond expectations. I am enveloped with beautiful music. Music written as early as 1750 to a work written a few months ago. Music inspired by all forms from rock, folk, jazz, blues and orchestral sounds.

If I sound truly happy, I am enveloped in happiness.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you weren’t enveloped in boredom by me using a word I was challenged to write ten times in a single blog post.

I was surprised and excited to learn I had been chosen as one of twenty five winners in a “summer blog challenge.”  From thousands of entries my entry about selling fishing worms when I was a kid won for “Best Storytelling.”
You can read the winners here if you’re interested.




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