I’m Seeing Terrible Things!

It all started with this damn book I’m working on night and day. I finished the third rewrite a week ago and it still needs some attention.

My problem is one of my characters has PTSD and tries to cover up his hallucinations and visions with drinking. He almost kills himself when he’s piloting his plane into a Santa Ana wind storm in the mountains and sees a horrible face in the clouds that is talking and yelling at him. I worked on that hallucination a long time and even had dreams about it.

The morning after my dream there was Jesus in my toast. I knew that was pretty common…at least I’ve read about it, so I ate Jesus and forgot about it.
faces in things 10

Then I had to take my car to the car wash because Fidel Castro was staring at me on the trunk. Weird.

I’ve begun noticing faces everywhere…garbage cans, appliances, buildings.
faces in things5Faces-in-Things2

I read an article yesterday that said neurotic people were the most likely people to see faces in things. I’m not sure I’m neurotic.
faces in things 4

faces in thingsfaces in things 7

I’ve been told other people see faces in these images. I don’t see anything. Maybe you’re neurotic?

faces in things9

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3 Responses to VISIONS

  1. elizabeth reynolds says:


  2. richsopus says:

    You’re identifying with Corey too much. All that LSD his ex-wife gave him when they were in Mexico is starting to affect you!

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