Southern Tour

So it was a crazy drive to Nashville. I’m down here in the hot, humid south-land to look, listen and choose some musical treats for the Bakersfield Community Concerts. We’re looking ahead to the 2016-17 season already. Our current season starts in October and is booked with eight wonderful acts until May. Then, October of 2016 we start with a new roster of talent I’m here to find.

I started out in Lafayette, Indiana, the birthplace of many famous Americans and some not so hot (like me). It was time for my high school reunion. Then a visit to my first business, my first love. McGuire Music and Sound in Lafayette, Indiana.

Is there any business cooler than a music store? Nope.

It was fun stopping in at the old office and taking a tour. Things are better than ever at the music shop. Let me show you around:

Then it was time to hop on the Interstate #65 and head to Nashville. One can’t get to Nashville without crossing the great/not-so-great state of Kentucky. The tourist attractions, that pop up in the first hour after crossing the Ohio River from Indiana to Kentucky, are mind-boggling. Something for the whole family.

First thing that hits you in the face (I hope not) is the Louisville Slugger Bat factory. The factory owned by Hillerich and Bradsby has a museum of famous bats. The kids will love the replica of Babe Ruth’s 34-inch home-run hitter. The replica stands 128 feet tall and weighs 68,000 pounds.Babe Ruth Bat







Then up the road a few minutes and it’s dad’s turn, kids. Sit in the car while we take a tour of the Jim Beam distillery.
Jim Beam

Then drive another few minutes and sit in the car again, kids, while dad takes a tour of Makers Mark…and maybe a few tasties.
Makers Mark





Now go another few minutes and its mom’s turn. Time to sneak into Fort Knox and count the bullion. The Federal Reserve says we have 147 ounces of gold bricks in there. Wanna bet?
Fort Knox1Fort Knox2





Now fun for the whole family. We drive another few minutes and it’s Dinosaur World. Wow!
Dinosaur World

No, it’s not Creation Museum where humans are riding dinosaurs. It’s totally out of the way on this trip and our kids are screwed up enough without lying some more to them.

Finally we arrive in Music City.

nashville 2

More later…

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2 Responses to Southern Tour

  1. fiddlrts says:

    What? You passed up the chance to visit the Creation Museum? The world will now be forever without your snarky commentary… 🙂

  2. Bill Pridemoreski says:

    Who needs Guitar Center?

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