Yes, I have that self-diagnosed disease.
Trouble pronouncing that word?
There’s an easier substitute…Circadian Dysrhythmia. I know…the medical world makes it tough on we who suffer this common ailment.

Much easier to use the term we all understand…Jet Lag!

I can’t imagine being a pilot or airline attendant. I would never know the actual time or date.

The medical websites say to allow one day for each time-zone one crosses. That may be true for me when I head east. Moving my clock back three hours makes for horrible mornings, at least that first morning or two.

If one has an eight o’clock meeting, your brain knows it’s 5AM, and you had to get up at 4 AM to shave and shower.

It does take a few days to get adjusted.
Jet lag 1
Forcing your meal times to adjust to the new time-zone speeds up the circadian rhythm of your body to normalize.
I know…eating dinner at 3PM is weird, but the next day, your stomach will be at 6 PM.

Coming back home to the west is much easier. I drove from one time zone in Nashville to an earlier time zone in Indianapolis. Then flew across three time zones to get home. Sleeping on the plane can help, but not if a petulant little four year old decides kicking the back of your seat is more fun than watching videos on a phone. Mommy made her apologize to me as we waited to de-plane so how could I be mad at a four year old?
(Let me count the ways)

Walking in the door at 10:45 when it is really 1:45AM is no time to unpack or watch the 11 o’clock news. I mean who watches news at 2 AM?
Jet lag 2

This morning, I woke up at my normal time…6:30AM.  Yes, my brain thought it was nine thirty, but that’s easy to adjust and when I start yawning tonight at eight o’clock, my writing critique group will understand.

I’m happy to be back home, but I have some amazing stories to share and will do so in the coming weeks.

No one wants to hear this and I apologize to the wonderful people of the Midwest and South… but I’m doubly happy to stop sweating every time I step outside. I promise not to talk about that subject again.
Sweating Man

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