As you may have read in the comments to my blog, a local Bako reader says he always learns something when he reads this blog. So today, this educational blog is just for Tim.

I love mustard. I keep a huge selection of mustard. I’ve found a few places that have hooked me on their mustard and I have a special mustard shelf.  Two from Stone Brewery in Escondido and six different mustards from V.Sattui Winery in Napa Valley are always on my mustard shelf.

Mayo?  Only one mayo for me…Best Foods Mayonnaise!

Until 1997 Best Foods distributed their “Best Foods” brand west of the Rockies and in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
You folks east of the Rockies get the same mayo in the same container with the same slogan (Bring Out the Best). Back east it’s called Hellman’s Mayonnaise.

Mayo 1

The new parent company since 1997 is Unilever.

They are advertised on their containers as the same thing, but they are slightly different. To this day they still use two separate recipes, almost the same, but the Best Foods brand has slightly more lemon which gives it a bit more tanginess to most taste buds. Yummy!

Many people didn’t know that the Titantic was carrying over 12,000 cases of Best Foods Mayo that was to be delivered from England to Mexico. It’s true, that after salsa, Mexicans also love their Mayo. After New York, the next port of call for the Titanic was Vera Cruz.

But alas, the ship never made it to New York. It hit and iceberg and sank.

The Mexican people were distraught.

In fact they declared a National Day of Mourning.
The day chosen to remember was May 5th.

It’s now called Sinko de Mayo.

I promise to continue to educate my readers.
Thank you very much.

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3 Responses to LOVE MY MAYO!

  1. fiddlrts says:

    I’m a celebrity now! 🙂
    And, MAN!, was that pun bad.

    I too typically have a gallery of mustards around the house. A good Dijon is key, of course, for cooking. I’ll have to try out some of the others you mention. That brings up the eternal question as to whether beer or wine is the best mustard additive. I’m still on the fence, so I had better have some more, just in case.

    I prefer Trader Joe’s mayo to Best Foods, which isn’t bad, though. Homemade is probably the very best, but that takes more time and preparation. 🙂

  2. fiddlrts says:

    Also, my kids thought your pun was hilarious. 🙂

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