Many elders get bent out of shape about the changing world. Always have. Always will.

Every generation has their own music, fashion and their own phrases of speech. A large percentage of music, fashion and phrases fade away. Only a few words and phrases stick around.

The few that stick around make me wary of saying them, even though they are a habit.

I mean is the word “cool” cool? It was very cool to say “cool” back in the ‘40s. Then again in the ‘70s. I hear young kids saying it now so I will continue to use “cool” even “cool, man.”
The other word from the ‘40s that still is used by musicians is “gig.”  In fact I have a gig coming up in a few weeks. I love playing gigs.

The other words from my parent’s generation that are not cool are:
Juke Joint, smooch, cat’s pajamas, bees knees, gams, 23 skiddoo,  the real McCoy, Girl Friday, skivvies, moll, speakeasy, hubba-hubba, in like Flynn, living the life of Riley, and all the tea in China.
I can imagine one of my parents’ friends (My parents would never say this) use this phrase:
“After we cut a rug in the speakeasy we went out to the passion pit in my jalopy and did some smooching and necking and petting and billing and cooing. My girl really thinks I’m swell.”
charleston dancers

Can you imagine telling somebody you think they’re really swell. They’d smack you and run to a mirror.

My generation of music, fashion, words and phrases has long faded away, too.

I can imagine one of my friends (I would never say this) use these expressions:

“Hey, don’t touch that dial, I want you to listen to this groovy mind-blowing platter. I’ll make you a carbon copy of the lyrics. I’m not kidding daddy-o, my hi-fi is rocking to the hippy beat.”
rock dancers

But now even my kid’s generation of music, fashion, words and phrases are almost gone.

I can imagine my kid’s friends (My kids would never say this) use these expressions:
“Dad, you are such a dweeb. That is so gnarly. You can gag me with a spoon. My music is totally bodacious and definitely not yuppie.  This is so rad.”
80s fashion

I laugh at them now as their kids bring home their friends that might say (My grandkids would never say this):

“Wassup homey, these are my peeps so don’t diss them because their streams are so sweet. Makes me want to get-jiggy. If you’re not feelin’ it, my bad.”
hip hop dancers

God, I can’t wait until their music, fashion, words and phrases fade away.

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5 Responses to FADE AWAY

  1. fiddlrts says:

    Yeah, I *never* used any of those phrases your kid’s (and my) generation used. Like, gag me with a spoon. 🙂

  2. fiddlrts says:

    Maybe for a future post, you can explain what the heck “23 skiddoo” is all about.

  3. The new generation dresses better than we did. I’ll give them that 😀 Loved this post (as always).

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