Official and Unofficial Nicknames

My birth city has no official nickname that I’m aware of. However, unofficially I’ve always called Lafayette, Indiana either LayFlat or Laff-a-lot. The Indiana capitol, Indianapolis, officially calls itself– “Indy.” Unofficially I’ve always called it “Indian-no-place.” The oldest unofficial name is “Naptown.”

Some cities are proud of their nicknames. Reno displays their nickname downtown:
Reno nickname

The most popular nicknames are recognized easily:
The Big Apple, Sin City, The Big Easy, Motor City, and The Windy City.

Some have been in use for decades, but aren’t as popular nation-wide:
“So Very Virginia” (Charlottesville), “The Sweetest Place on Earth” (Hershey, PA), “Always Turned On”(Atlantic City) and of course “Cleveland Rocks.”

Here are the cities where I don’t want to live just because of their nicknames:

Albertville, Alabama (The Fire Hydrant Capitol of the World)
Dothan, Alabama (The Condom Capitol of the World)
Dumas, Arkansas (Home of the Ding Dong Daddy)
Forestville, California (Poison Oak Capitol of the World)
Placerville, California (Old Hangtown)
Placerville 1Placerville 2


Fruita, Colorado (Home of Mike the Headless Chicken)
Belle Glade, Florida (Muck City)
Algona, Iowa (Home of the World’s Biggest Cheeto)
Cawker City, Kansas (Home of the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine)
This is quite a controversy…Four cities claim they have the biggest Twine Ball
Ball of Twine


Washington, Missouri (Corn Cob Pipe Capitol of the World)
Cut Bank, Montana (Coldest Spot In The Nation)
Corsicana, Texas (Fruit Cake Capitol of the World)
Meeteetse, Wyoming (Ferret Capitol of the World)
Bear Creek, Wisconsin (Home of the World’s Largest Sauerkraut Plant)
Mt. Horab, Wisconsin (The Troll Capitol)

There are trolls everywhere…Seven on Main Street  WHY?
Troll Capitol

 Canada’s cities have their own brand of nicknames.

Time and space won’t allow me to go there.  However I do want to check out:

Medicine Hat (The City with All Hell for a Basement)

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5 Responses to Official and Unofficial Nicknames

  1. Diane Frey says:

    I can’t believe the amount of useless information you have and that I keep reading it. Hope all is well with you and Amy

    • bakoheat says:

      Every day I try to think “Who needs more useless information.” That’s why I’m always thinking about you. Hope things are Okay for you, too. Good hearing from you.

  2. fiddlrts says:

    Some of these definitely smack of “We have absolutely nothing better to do with ourselves around here.” 🙂

  3. Bill Pridemore says:

    Hmmm………….How about “Intercourse, PA”?

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