I’m walking that fine line today. The line between right and wrong, good and bad. I’m feeling edgy.

Holiday’s do that to me. It’s like this extra special bonus day that has to be lived to the fullest. It has to be better than all the other days. It’s a Holiday.

I need to push the envelope, walk that fine line.

I’ll probably start the day by tearing the tags off all the pillows. That will feel great.

Going to eat cookies for breakfast. May sneak into a second movie today. Definitely not shaving. Not showering either.

Firing up the grill. Don’t know what’s cooking, but it will be hot and spicy.

No boring wine or beer today. Calls for Scotch, single barrel, please.

I hope you enjoy your special bonus day. Happy Labor Day!

I may end up just taking a long nap…extra long. I’m feeling edgy.

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