Planning Your Surprise Week

I would like to share a little fantasy with you. Actually I would like you to have the fantasy. If you want to tell me about it– or not– that’s cool. It’s your fantasy.

Here’s what’s happening to you…and me.

Starting next Monday you and I have seven days off. Your boss is cool. You have NOTHING that has to be done for seven days. Monday through Sunday. Your plate is empty. No obligations.

On your dresser will be $10,000 cash. It will magically appear at 12:01 AM this coming Monday morning.
ten thousand dollars


Any part of it that is left at Midnight next Sunday is GONE. Can’t save it. Must spend it. On anything, any place, anywhere. Just plan your seven days.

If you want to pay bills and just sit and watch TV for seven days, so be it.
Debt Relief

But, remember, if you try to put it in savings, it disappears. Must be spent somehow, somewhere.

It could be a huge (or as the Donald says, YUGE) vacation.
Paris SkylineRome

Maybe a family room addition.
A Kitchen.

Remember you are accountable to no one for seven days. Bonus week for you and me.

$10,000 cash. Seven Days.

Have at it!  Man-in-hammock

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4 Responses to Planning Your Surprise Week

  1. fiddlrts says:

    Definitely a trip somewhere. Based on the amount and the time frame, I am thinking the wife and kids could come with me to somewhere in Europe. That should cover airfare for seven and hotels. I can kick in public transportation and meal money myself 🙂

  2. jennifer says:

    That would go a long way towards the 30K I need for my teeth…but I’d probably blow it on a trip to see my friend in Brazil. Haven’t seen him in over 40 years and I promised him I would make a trip before one of us dies. I can go to Brazil without teeth, can’t I?

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