I don’t make many mistakes behind the wheel of my car. Almost none. I don’t trust you on the same road with me so I drive defensively. I don’t drive below speed limits, usually five miles higher on the highway and main arteries.  I just anticipate you are going to run a red light, cut me off, improperly yield, or turn in front of me. I’m watching you.

My mom gave up her car keys about age 95-96. I think she saw a dent in her rear bumper that she didn’t remember being there. She assumed she goofed. I promise to stop driving before that age.

Actually I don’t have to. I will just stop steering. Google or maybe Apple will do the steering for me. I can’t wait. Set my GPS, spin my seat sideways, lift my table and write, read, play games, watch TV, Facebook, whatever all the way to my destination.
self driving car 2self driving car

I’m guessing our automobile death toll, now averaging above thirty thousand every year will drop by 80%.

When I started driving in the late ‘50s, the death rate per year was 21 people out of every 100,000.

The “muscle cars” of the ‘60s (plus our rock music and drag racing movies) pushed the death rate to 26 out of 100,000. During those years more than 50,000 people died every year in auto wrecks.
drag wreck

Our death toll now is 10 out of 100,000.

Our roads are pathetic, the population of people and cars has doubled, but our cars are much safer.

My conservative friends, along with the greedy auto manufacturers, lobbied and fussed about shoulder belts, airbags and other safety features…ranting and raving about government regulations. I’m glad we didn’t listen to them. An airbag saved my wife’s life a couple weeks ago. I know dozens of friends who are thankful for airbags, also. Stop listening to politicians who want to take us back in time when cars, food, air, water and health were much much much WORSE.

Back to steering cars: Teenagers and old folks cause most of the wrecks. One third of all wrecks happen at intersections with improper left turns and failure to stop.

Our computer driven cars will never be that stupid. With dozens of cameras and three hundred sixty degree eyes, they will see trouble coming before we humans can.

Of course there will be a new “word” for driving, because we won’t be driving. Maybe we should make it up now and not let some Google Googan decide what it will be called. If they make up the word it will have a computer-based meaning like:  “Let’s “compwheel” on up to the Bay Area” or “Can you “nav” over tonight for dinner?” or “Why don’t we “AP” (autopilot) down to LA?”

We need to keep it simple, but with meaning.

“I “carpotatoed” to LA this morning.” (It’s like couch potato only moving)
“I “sleeprolled” to work this morning.”
car potatoing

When pilots put their plane on “auto-pilot” and make love to their co-pilot, it’s called joining “THE MILE HIGH CLUB.”
I also want a new name for us doing that in self-driving cars.

Other good news…Computers don’t drink and drive.

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2 Responses to Steering

  1. Don’t forget the improved gas mileage from improved traffic flow. How much energy is lost in traffic jams?

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