Absinthe makes the Heart Grow Stupid

I just spent another three great days in San Francisco. We do this a few times or three or four every year. I love the “City”, the restaurants, the symphony, museums, the buildings, and the people. I love riding Amtrak and not dealing with the driving hassle (and the $38 per day parking fees). We can walk everywhere we want to go.

We got off the train at the “Bart” station in Richmond, waited three minutes for “Bart” and rode directly to the Civic Center. Walked about a half mile to our little boutique hotel (Inn at the Opera) and we were in our favorite world once more.

The symphony Saturday night was a musical experience I will never forget. One of the finest musical treats of my life in a great musical venue…Davies Hall.
Davies Hall 1Davies Hall 2

Within walking distance of the Davies Hall are 34 incredibly great restaurants. I have my favs, and Absinthe is one of them…both the restaurant and the drink.

I had made reservations at Absinthe. Things got complicated there.

On the train I had read many things, but a stand-out column by one of my favorite authors, Mark Morford, was fresh on my brain. He is extremely funny and sometimes overly graphic in his writing descriptions. This particular Friday column was dealing with the latest scientific studies on our roughly 100 trillion active microorganisms in our personal microbiome.

Yes, we already know that we have so much bacterial goodness that we can’t contain it all. It’s pouring off our bodies all the time in our dead skin, hair, spit, food and bits of cloth. What Mr. Morford was excited about was the latest discoveries that our airborne effluvia (personal bacteria cloud) stays in the room behind us…well after we’re gone.

I couldn’t get that picture out of my mind as I watched the young beautiful girl sitting a few feet down from my wife. She was constantly playing with her long black hair. First she would run both hands through it and fluff it. Then she would pull on it and place it on her left side hanging down. Two minutes later she had it lying equally on each side…then all on the right side.

I realized she was on a date and nervous. Her date insisted she taste “absinthe” and the face she made was worth the price of my dinner.

But as you can tell now from my obsession with her flipping hundreds of millions of microorganisms up into the atmosphere, someone else at my table was observing me watching this young lady.

Of course I tried to explain about her microscopic effluvia being tossed into our drinks and the atmosphere, but it really looked like the typical old geezer eyeing the young maiden.

When I tried to explain about the clusters of voracious nits on the roots of the girls hair follicles being carelessly strewn all over the restaurant including my food, there was only one brilliant statement from my sweet wife.

“No more absinthe.”


No, I didn’t forget this Wednesday is International Blasphemy Rights Day. Just since January of this year, four bloggers in Bangladesh have been machete-hacked to death for speaking out about Islam.

In my opinion Ideas don’t need rights…People Do! We all must protect free expression. We all must protect free dissent.

That being said…In my opinion, L. Ron Hubbard was a total fraud and Scientology is a scam…a big scam.

(if anything happens to me, check the alibi of Tom Cruise)

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4 Responses to Absinthe makes the Heart Grow Stupid

  1. fiddlrts says:

    With Cruise, I suspect your couch is in more danger than you are. John Travolta, on the other hand. Imagine if he were to show up in that Battlefield Earth costume in the middle of the night. Yikes!

    Fun story too. Made me chuckle.

  2. elizabeth reynolds says:

    yes, good story….I also think Scientology is crap…….wondering if you are going to post something about the Pope’s visit……

    • bakoheat says:

      Religion and Politics are things I try to stay away from, at least serious discussion. I do have some opinions about the Pope and his visit. Maybe I’ll change my mind and write about that.
      Thanks for writing.

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