Music in Your Childhood Home

Momma sang Bass Papa sang Tenor

Actually my mom’s voice was low-alto, but my father had a nice Irish tenor voice. My Mom sang for many decades with a local woman’s chorus and Dad sang with the congregations of church and ballgames.

But that didn’t have much to do with my “growing-up” music. What about you? What did you hear musically, if anything, in your childhood home? How did it affect you and your musical tastes?

Music started happening in my home when I was seven. That year RCA came out with a $12.95 record player that played 45 RPM records. Halleluja!

We had a stack of ‘45s a mile high. They were all color-coded.

Country music was on green vinyl, children’s records were yellow, pop music was on black vinyl, classical on red and semi-classic/jazz/international music was on blue.

“Race” records (you know, the good stuff of R&B and Gospel) were on Orange, but I never saw them stocked in Indiana stores. Way to go, Indiana. Even in high school, I could never buy “race” records. We had to tune in to The Hoss Man on WLAC, Nashville, TN to hear blues, soul and real early rock and roll.

So we had the green Eddie Arnold records. My Dad enjoyed playing Eddie’s big hit, “Seven Years With the Wrong Woman.” My Mom didn’t enjoy it.

I had my little stack of yellow vinyl (Peter and the Wolf, Teddy Bear Picnic, etc)
RCA Yellow

We had a nice stack of black vinyl featuring Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Sara Vaughn, Peggy Lee, and dozens more.

Bottom line: I heard all kinds of music during my childhood.

But then I heard Rock and Roll!
 My stack of black grew to a mountain. Bill Haley, Neil Sadaka, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Buddy Holly, Paul Anka, Gene Vincent, The Coasters, Connie Francis (sorry about that), Brenda Lee, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many more.

You’re probably wondering where Elvis is in my stack. They were in my brother’s stack.
He loved Elvis more than air.

My brother and I both started music lessons at age 5. My brother on guitar and me on piano. Today we still play those instruments…keys and strings.

My brother and I listened to the huge stacks of 45s. They were usually on sale for 79cents each. He loved Elvis and all green vinyl. I loved Jazz and Pop. That is the music we play today on our instruments

When my kids were in the womb, I placed stereo earphones on their mother’s tummy and played all the great classics and all of the great jazz recordings.

My kids never heard green vinyl in the womb. (or in the house)
None of them play or listen to country music today. Did that womb music/childhood music affect them?

How about you? Your kids?

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One Response to Music in Your Childhood Home

  1. fiddlrts says:

    My kids were exposed to plenty of music from many genres in utero and as kids. (This includes live Bakersfield Symphony concerts in utero 🙂 Get them started early…)

    It’s hard to say exactly how it affected them, as their tastes seem rather individual. (My eldest daughter adores Queen – not sure where that came from.) On the other hand, they do indeed enjoy music, so there’s that.

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