Peel and Eat

I’ve tripped over curbs, fell missing a step, turned my ankle in a rut (numerous times), but I don’t recall ever slipping on a banana peel.
banana peel

That prat-fall has been used in many old-time scenes from Laurel and Hardy to The Three Stooges. I can’t imagine not seeing a banana peel lying in front of me. The poor banana peel has only been used in the USA as a bad thing.

Now I find that the rest of the world has been eating banana peels for hundreds of years. Yuk? I don’t know. I’m about to try it myself. However, I thought if I wrote about it one of my friends would beat me to it and let me know how wonderful or disgusting the idea is.

What I didn’t know is the banana is America’s most popular fresh fruit. Wow! Whatever happened to “an apple a day?” The latest year for that statistic was 2013 where it was determined that the average American ate 11.4 pounds of bananas in those twelve months. A single banana weighs 1/3 of a pound and since we ate TWELVE BILLION bananas that year, that is over 38 bananas per person. I hope you ate your fair share because I know I didn’t eat 38 bananas.

So what about this banana peel thing? They’re chewy, tough, bitter…why would anyone eat one?

I guess the secret is to let it get real ripe. You remember how squishy your over-ripe bananas feel? Well, the skin gets more supple when the fruit extracts the normal plant hormone—ethylene. It turns the skin from green to yellow to brown. It breaks down the complex sugars to simple sugar and breaks down the pectin making the skin softer.

Then you can fry, bake or boil for at least 10 minutes (after washing them of course) and supposedly they are not only very nutritious but tasty. One of you will let me know soon I know.
banana skin

The other good usage is to blend them into smoothies.

Finally, for those who can’t wrap their head around eating the peels, they are great for lining the bottom of your roasting pan and placing meat on top. They will keep the meat moist.
You can also add a banana peel to a bucket of water and let it sit a few days. Even though you may not like it, your plants will love it.
banana cartoon

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  1. fiddlrts says:

    Also the source of many a Law School exam scenario 🙂

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