Evolutionary Anger

 So much I read, see and experience in the world today is anger.Anger is everywhere.
All the Republicans are angry. Many Democrats are angry. Sports fans are angry. Teachers are angry. Students are angrier. Is anybody happy?
Angry Man 2
  In our American society, the evolutionary thought changes of the majority are making the minority very angry.  Just a few years ago, it was taboo to mention certain things in public. This is the way things were…period…no questions asked.

No women in the army and especially don’t touch the guns, girls.
No gays in the army. Well, we did change that in the ‘90s to…Okay, you can be gay but you better not tell anybody or you’re out of here.
Marijuana is a dangerous drug classified at the same level as heroin. Get caught with it and go to jail.
Health care is for people who can afford it. Sorry if you’re poor. Just die quickly.
You will die when my God decides to take your life, not until. You don’t own your own life.
Marriage is between one man and one woman…period.

All of those things have undergone an evolutionary thought change by a large majority of American citizens.
And some people are angry.

Woman and gays serve proudly in our military.
Gay people have the same rights as hetero, including the right to marry who they love.
Marijuana was never a dangerous drug…certainly not as dangerous as alcohol or cigarettes and is medically legal in 23 states and complete legalization is creeping across the nation state by state.
Even crazy Donald Trump understands that Health Care is a right, not a privilege, and if we are an exceptional nation we will provide exceptional health care to our citizens.
The right to die, after consulting with physicians, is following marijuana legalization across the country.

Those evolutionary thought changes took place decades ago in most of the civilized world, and now we have caught up. It happened fast. And the folks who can’t wrap their heads around any or all of those things are angry.
Very angry.
Angry Woman

Football fans are angry. Science, medicine and “time” has produced a bunch of retired NFL players with brain problems. It’s a brutal sport. Football fans hate the “other” football that we call Soccer. That may be our Number One sport in the next few decades, since retired Soccer players can still speak in sentences.

Religions are angry. Islam is going through what Christianity did a thousand years ago. “Believe what we tell you to believe or we’ll kill you.” “The God we imagine is better than the one you imagine.” “Blaspheme our man-made religion and you die.”

Christians are angry, too. They, like Islamists, hate science and evolutionary changes. It makes all those silly things they hold on to even sillier.

People hate to evolve. They fight it. They get angry.
Angry man
Evolution of cultures, thoughts, and societies happens in bits and spurts, not smoothly. We are in an evolutionary mind spurt.

Science and the internet are screwing up people’s mythical beliefs about their religion. Things we weren’t taught in school, truthful things, are now easily accessible with our thumbs.

There was no great flood (rocks don’t lie). The earth is not less than 10,000 years old (our planet was formed 4.5 billion years ago…about nine billion years after the universe formed).

We humans evolved, and not from Adam and Eve committing incest.

Re-configuring one’s brain causes anger. We either get mad at science or mad at our parents, priests and teachers. Somebody fed us a bunch of bullshit.

Or we can be happy, very happy. What a great universe, planet and country we are a part of.
Can you begin to imagine the next big wave of evolutionary thought our grand-kids will experience?

Hope they’re not angry about it. Angry Child









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2 Responses to Evolutionary Anger

  1. fiddlrts says:

    Change (“evolution”) leads to fear. Yoda is as right as ever:

    “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

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