Losing It

The weather has been and will continue to be exceptional. My second favorite month has started. El Nino will probably mess up December and January, but then my favorite February pops up. It too may be a wet one, but that’s ok. We need it bad. Real bad.

I was walking on the bluffs yesterday. That’s a popular walking park just a block from my home here in Bakersfield. People walk their dogs, babies and some are talking on their cells with every step.

Here is a picture of the Bluffs at sunset and one of the trails I like.
Bluffs at Sunset

Bluffs 2Bluffs 3

As I was walking I noticed speed walkers, joggers, runners, and meanderers.


I was thinking of all the weight being lost among those dozens of people. Then I wondered about lost weight. Is it really lost? Where did it go? I needed to hurry home and start researching. I knew that the “burning” weight had to be pure bullshit. We can’t turn fat into energy. Impossible. It has to be our atoms that vanish into thin air. Right?

I first checked my amateur scientific knowledge and I was right. It is impossible for our body to turn or burn fat into energy. That would break the Law of the Conservation of Mass. True.

I found some studies by an Australian physicist named Ruben Meerman. It seems he was thinking along the same lines as I was. Where does it go? It is “atoms” we are losing.

He found that we actually exhale most of it. Is that cool or what?  For every ten pounds we lose 8.4 pounds are exhaled as CO2. The remaining 1.6 pounds turns to water and that is shed as sweat, tears, urine and whatever.

So, the next time you and I are out trying to lose some weight…either at the gym or on the trails. Let’s tell each what we are really doing. We’re not out burning off weight. We’re blowing weight away. That makes it more fun. We chew the fat and work out and exhale it.
man exhaling smoke

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3 Responses to Losing It

  1. fiddlrts says:

    Technically speaking, adipose tissue is a carbon dioxide storage system. But one does wonder whether the additional food burned (and thus turned to CO2) by having to propel the greater weight outweighs (sorry…) the benefits of the carbon sequester. Surely we can study this!

  2. Diane Frey says:

    I was once told that there is only so much weight in the world. So, if someone loses weight, another person puts it on. Makes sense to me. I have this 5 lbs that follows me everywhere. I lose it and then it finds me again. It is a vicious circle.

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