Froggy Went a Courtin’

The other day I overheard an old saying by a young gal. At least she looked young to me. (you all do)

She was evidently talking about a fellow worker, probably in an office. She said to her lunch mate, “He went toadying up to the boss as usual.” Wow, I hadn’t heard that phrase in years. It’s still around obviously. Then I wondered why nobody ever said, “He went frogging up to the boss.” I guess that sound dirty, huh?

I looked up the dictionary meaning of “toadying” and it says, “grovel to, ingratiate oneself with, be obsequious to, kowtow to, pander to, crawl to, truckle to, bow and scrape to, curry favor with, make up to, fawn on/over, slaver over, flatter, adulate, suck up to, lick the boots of, butter up.


That’s pretty neat stuff. I’m going to start using that term again. But I also checked on my knowledge of toads and I was right…all Toads are Frogs. However all Frogs are not Toads. Uh-huh.

Toads are a subset of frogs. Toads like dry land and frogs like water.
Toads also have big glands behind their eyes called paratoid glands which produce poison.


Frogs have long legs and jump to get around. Toads have short fore-limbs and hop or walk. Frogs lay their eggs in clusters and toads lay their eggs in long chains…(ewuuu…that is toady)

Toads also have big glands behind their eyes called paratoid glands which produce poison.

Back to my overheard conversation. The meaning of toadying.
To me this picture shows a frog toadying up to a gal.
Frog kissing

Enough book-learning…have a good week!

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3 Responses to Froggy Went a Courtin’

  1. fiddlrts says:

    The title made me remember my dad singing “Froggy Went A Courtin'” to us when I was a kid. It used to drive my mother crazy because of the last verse:

    “So that’s it Jack, you better hit the road. You ain’t no frog, you’re a horny toad…”

  2. Bren says:

    I have never heard that expression in my almost 65 years. But I like it!!….
    so I will have to figure out some way to work it into a conversation.

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