My Poison

I don’t have humorous takes on anything today. God knows there are plenty of crazy things to comment on, but I’ll leave Ben Carson for another day. And I will crack no Friday the 13th jokes either.

I am writing this on Thursday. It’s a bad day. I had my poison last night.

Maybe it’s yours, too. Mayo Clinic and other established medical web-sites insist that the FDA were correct in labeling MSG “safe.” Mayo says only a small percentage of people have what they refer to as MSG symptom complex. TRUE. Welcome to my world.

Yesterday morning I awoke to numb hands and arms and a painful mixed up brain. I felt like a truck hit me. I didn’t know the day of the week or where I was for about three or four minutes. I sat on the side of the bed and a familiar cobweb of pain shot through my head. I knew.
Damn! I had MSG poisoning. There is no other headache like that one. For me. It’s like an old evil friend that comes to visit once or twice a year to hit me over the head.

Mayo Clinic says the symptoms of MSG complex are numb extremities, migraine type headache, facial tightness, flushing, sweating, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, nausea and weakness. Typically a person suffers some combination of those things. TRUE.

Once again I quote Mayo Clinic which states there is no known treatment and the symptoms will eventually go away. TRUE. However, sometimes it takes hours.
Tests that have been done on mice and rats are scary. MSG destroys the retinal cells of those test subjects and eventually destroys the brain. We normally intake a smaller, less-dangerous supply of that crap when we eat, so we, who are allergic, just have a few hours of misery.

The only food I ate on Wednesday night was a dish from El Pollo Loco, the Ultimate Double Chicken Bowl. I’ve had that particular dish a number of times over the years. Never had a problem. This time was different.

I could go ask the manager if they use MSG. He would probably say no. MSG hides in 40 different FDA approved food products. Hydrolized soy protein or yeast extract, just to name two, both produce glutamates so there is no way to know.
That is the danger of eating restaurant food for me. It’s easy to buy the correct grocery food to consume, but not always possible to eat at home.

The good news is it is a rare thing. Twice this year so far.

Anybody else?





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