I’m ashamed. Ashamed of America, the great country of panic-stricken, cowardly congressmen trying to make political points based on stupidity.
We do this a lot. Our history is filled with McCarthyites.
Ashamed Child

Preying on citizens fear.

Preying on citizens ignorance.

Let me just state one clear fact.

The jihadists who blew themselves up and killed innocent citizens in France were citizens of France and Belgium. The ring-leaders, plotters were French and Belgium citizens.

If these people want to blow us up, kill us… all they have to do is get on an airplane. No visa required. They can be on our soil in a matter of hours.
They would not spend 18 months to two years to be vetted as a Syrian refugee would need to do.
Just get on the airplane.

We have no visa requirement with Belgian or French citizens.

Citizens of Belgium and France were the murderers. Refugees of Syria are fleeing these same jihadist murderers.

That’s all. Simple fact.

But let’s not talk about truth. Let’s get Americans all riled up and scared and talk about Syrians being “mad dogs” or “jihadists” or “Islamic terrorists.”

Meanwhile any French or Belgium citizen can get on an airplane, no visa required, and visit us.


“When we have these fits of hysteria, we are like the person who has a fit of nerves in public. When he recovers, he is very much ashamed and so are we as a nation when sanity returns.”
—–President Harry S Truman

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5 Responses to Ashamed

  1. heyannis says:

    Good point about the terrorists in this case being citizens of France and Belgium. Preying on folks’ fear and ignorance is traditional in USA politics and society in general. Thanks for your post, Dan. xoA

  2. joanraymondwriting says:

    Preying on fear is what the news media and political figures do best. Sad.
    Great post Dan. Thanks.

  3. Brenda Maher says:

    Great point Danny….I like to draw a comparison of this crazy talk to our mass killings. We all accept the individuals who go out and buy guns and take innocent lives are crazy…that they had a “message”. Well, lets find out where they were born or resided when they committed these atrocities and then ban ALL the citizens of that community from going to the next town, or leaving the state to visit a dying parent, or taking a vacation, or moving to another country for a job. Same thing, lumping all Syrians into one category, is just such a knee jerk reaction.

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