Top 10 Countries on Earth

Says who?
Based on what?

I’ll get to that.

In the past most countries are measured by their wealth. GDP.
Or GDP per capita (average income of individuals).

But I think we can all agree money doesn’t buy happiness.

In my research I have only found ONE group that measures many aspects of a country’s wellbeing. The Legatum Institute, based in London, has a “Legatum Prosperity Index.” It is fascinating. The information covers 196 countries and 96% of the worlds’ population and 98% of the globe’s GDP.

The Legatum Institute identifies and measures 200 different variables that have a proven impact on wealth and wellbeing. Then they sift these 200 variables down to 89 measurable variables divided into eight sub-indices. Some things, like confidence in government, are measured in percentage terms while capital per worker is based on US dollars. Equal weight is assigned to the eight sub-indices and the average of these eight measurements gives the overall rank on the Prosperity Index.

The eight measured indices are:

The Economy
Entrepreneurship and Opportunity
Safety and Security
Personal Freedom
Social Capital

Here are the Top Twenty “overall” results:

1          Norway
2          Switzerland
3          Denmark
4          New Zealand
5          Sweden
6          Canada
7          Australia
8          Netherlands
9          Finland
10        Ireland
11        United States
12        Iceland
13        Luxemburg
14        Germany
15        United Kingdom
16        Austria
17        Singapore
18        Belgium
19        Japan
20        Hong Kong

Some of the surprises for me were:
Number one country in Personal Freedom is Canada
Number one country in Education is Australia
Number one country in Social Capital is New Zealand

Check it out; you can spend hours reading about the research and results.!/ranking




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