Beginnings. Endings.

We’re always leaving something, someplace or somebody. Life is filled with these “leaving times.” In the country music field, they can be called “crying times.”
couple in argument

But, leaving isn’t always bad. It can be exciting to start a new job, go to a new city, discover a new relationship. First we have to leave the old job, city or relationship.

Beginnings. Endings.

It can be a simple thing…a book, a movie, a song. I hate leaving a great book. I see the few pages left and don’t want it to end. I read slower and try to absorb the words into my skin.

If it’s a great song we never let it end. Sometimes we replay it for decades.

We repeat the great movies too.

Each day begins and ends. Some fly by, some seem on hold for too long. The great ones can’t be repeated, only remembered and copied.
The bad ones seem to repeat too often.
Sleep begins and can be interrupted before the natural ending by kids, cats and bladders. For me, most sleep endings are too soon. I love to sleep.

I think my wife misunderstood me when we were courting. I told her I had great skills in bed.
I meant I have the ability to stay in bed and sleep all day.
man feet in bed

Interruptions between the beginning and the ending are our tests.

In our relationships the interruptions are never what we expect in the beginning. The interruptions can be health failings, accidents happening, war starting, job ending or transferring, or minds changing. In our relationships the endings are never what or how we expected in the beginning.

Nothing lasts forever. It would be boring if it did.

I hope your Thanksgiving week began and ended happily and restful.
Now begin a great week.

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One Response to Beginnings. Endings.

  1. heyannis says:

    The endings are just the set-up for the new beginnings. xoA

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