Be Here Now

I’ve been waiting.
Thank you, Geeks.

Phone-Free Zones are happening.
Slowly but surely.

If you’ve been to any concert venue or comedy club the damn cell phones have become a ridiculous nuisance. It seems no one wants to just sit and enjoy. To be there. They have to snap a photo of their plate of food before the show, then selfies with their friends at the show. Then the entertainer finds he or she has no rights to their original material because it’s on YouTube the next day.

How does a venue stop this crap?

Enter “YONDR.” They are first. More will follow.

Dave Chapelle, one of my favs, is using YONDR this week in his sold-out shows in Chicago. Here’s how it works.

When a person enters the venue, they give their ticket and they get back a YONDR pouch. Their phone is placed into the pouch. They put the pouch in their pockets or purses. It remains with them. When they enter the theater the pouches automatically lock.

If one needs to use their phone, they step out of the theater into the lobby or any other phone zones and the pouch will unlock.

Here is the vision statement from Yondr.

Smartphones have fundamentally changed how we live. How to integrate them into our lives as a useful tool, rather than a compulsive habit, is a question that needs an answer.

 We think smartphones have incredible utility, but not in every setting. In some situations, they have become a distraction and a crutch—cutting people off from each other and their immediate surroundings.

Yondr has a simple purpose: to show people how powerful a moment can be when we aren’t focused on documenting or broadcasting it.


Thank you Yondr. It doesn’t seem possible we have raised-up such a stupid generation of habitual phone-addicts that don’t know what being here “Now” is all about. We have to help them feel the incredible “highs” that life gives us when we allow it to be our own experience.

One more thing Yondr. Maybe you can make a pouch for Mr. Trump to put his tongue inside. You can name it Blundr. That could give us a hate-free zone, too.

Have a great weekend!

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