Dreaming My Life Away

“I can make you mine, taste your lips of wine,
anytime, night or day.
Only trouble is, gee whiz,
I’m dreaming my life away.”

Bad poetry but a great song sung by the Everly Brothers during my senior year in high school. The song was about day-dreaming. The most loved subject I had all through school.
School kid daydreaming

Night dreams are different. We all dream. Every night.
We usually don’t remember them.
We just know something exciting, or wonderful, or weird happened last night.
Just can’t remember it.

The dream scientists tell us we don’t remember because the wild ride of our dreams happens during our REM time of sleep. It’s called “rapid-eye-movement” and can happen three or four times a night. Each REM period last about 90 minutes. During REM our brains are hyper-active. That’s when the fun, exciting and weird stuff happens.
Man Dreaming

When we do have vivid recollection of our dream it’s because we wake directly after or during the REM time.

Sigmund Freud’s theory was that dreams are expressing what you’re repressing when you’re awake. Carl Jung’s theory was that dreams provide messages about lost or neglected parts of ourselves that need to be re-integrated.

Neither one of those guys could hook up wires and monitors to the brains that modern science does now. No one knows “why” we dream but some interesting theories of today’s experts differ from Freud and Jung.

Two dream experts, if there’s such a thing, are Robert Moss (The Three “Only” Things: Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence, and Imagination) and Kelly Sullivan Walden (I had the Strangest Dream…The Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st. Century).

Walden’s book divides dreams into eight categories:
Venting (nightmares)
Wish Fulfillment
(She says the most common are recurring and venting dreams)

Moss tells an interesting example of a Precognitive or Predictive dream. “One of the biggest oil discoveries in history … resulted from a dream of a retired British colonial official living in Kuwait in 1937. Colonel Dickson’s dream revealed a specific location near an unusual sidr tree in the Burqan hills. The Kuwait Oil Company, which had been drilling dry holes far away, was persuaded to move a rig to the location identified from the dream and hit a gusher.”

I’ve been having Procognitive or Predictive dreams lately. I remember them vividly because I believe my REM sleep is always around 3:30am to 4:30am. That’s when my cat decides I should wake up.

I remember every vivid dream every night. But especially the predictive dreams.

That’s why I’m so excited and wanted to share my possible “oil well discovery” dream.

Last night I dreamed that every person who reads this sentence would immediately send me One Thousand Dollars.

Isn’t that exciting?

Almost as exciting as my other dreams!!
Man Dreaming of Food

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One Response to Dreaming My Life Away

  1. Bill Pridemore says:

    I also have dreams and mine aren’t any more realistic than yours. But they don’t involve money. Something a lot more fun.

    Whoops – I forgot to sen the Grand


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