That’s a serious word…Idol. Some thing or person regarded with blind adoration, admiration or devotion.

The question I was reading asked me “Who was your first musical idol?”

Wow! That’s a good one.

Ask yourself and see and hear the memories pour through your brain.
For most people it’s easy. Musical idols normally happen in your teen years.

Not for me. I was six years old when I was moved by someone musically. Enough “movement” to devote the rest of my life to music playing.

I did have my rock and roll idols (Rock and roll was not around when I was six years old)

The first person’s voice who moved me was Buddy Holly. Then I finally got to see him on television. NOPE! I couldn’t idolize a geeky looking nerd.
Buddy Holly

I still loved his voice. Especially on Peggy Sue.

No…never idolized Elvis, Ricky, Fabian or Jerry Lee. Nor did I idolize Frankie Avalon, Bobby Darin or Paul Anka.


.Pat Boone 1957
I loved all the music, the artists and groups of the ‘50s, but they did not provoke a “turning point” or a “I wanna be like him” point.

No…that happened when I was six years old.

My grandmother took me to a live concert venue called Shady Acres. We went there at least one Sunday every month. The big stars of the WLS National Barn Dance(Saturday night radio program)would drive down from Chicago and appear live. It cost $2 per car to get in to the grounds. We brought our own fried chicken and lemonade and picnicked before the concert.

That day I saw one of my Cowboy heroes from weekly television. Actually he was never a hero, just a sidekick of my hero…Gene Autry. My brother loved Gene Autry and took up guitar pickin’ and singing because of him.

No his sidekick was usually “Frog” played by Smiley Burnette. Later Smiley became a regular on Petticoat Junction. I only liked him when he was Gene Autry’s sidekick.
Smiley 2

Smiley was a great musician and song writer. He played over 100 instruments.

But that day, when I was six, he was playing  one of the first electric accordion’s ever made.

I flipped out. I had to have one, play one… and I did.

After the concert I told Smiley I wanted to play accordion and he laughed and said something about practicing makes perfect, etc. He then let Grandma snap a photo of he and I.

So, I had to be honest with answering the “idol” question.

It was this guy.Smiley Burnette052

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