I’m adding some words to my tired old vocabulary. Word meanings have evolved with new meanings over the centuries. New words have been added over the decades, especially the last decade.

I’m also getting tired of using the same double meaning words I’ve used most of my life. Words like “heavy”  “cool” “right-on” “dude” …none of those words mean what they mean, but have been part of slang terms that are now common…but tired.

Meanings of words have always changed over time, but when one looks at changes over centuries, it’s totally amazing, dude.

For instance the word “nice” used to mean silly, foolish, or simple. The word “silly” used to mean blessed, worthy and then evolved to mean weak, vulnerable and finally it now means foolish.

The word “awful” meant full of awe, like the awful majesty of God. How did that change so drastically?

I love the word fizzle. It originally meant a “silent fart.” That makes sense and I understand why the word was invented. Now it means to fail at things. If you are successful with a silent fart, that certainly is not failing.

The word “decimate” meant to kill one in every ten. That’s heavy.
Decimate ten

In the 16th century, the word “flirt” meant to flick away a speck of dirt/dust or to flick open a fan.

Also in the 16th century the word “myriad” meant the number 10,000. Now it just means a lot.

“Unique” used to mean one of a kind, now it just means unusual.

I use the word “peruse” in my every day writing and speaking. That word means to read thoroughly. However, now the dictionary gives the second meaning of “peruse” is to skim over. WTF?

It’s okay that our language constantly evolves. New words are added every year. My father passed away seventeen years ago. My mom passed away a year ago. She was clever and picked up many of the words that were added to the dictionary since Dad died. He wouldn’t have a clue if she told him she “googled” a subject to check out a new “app” for her I-pad.

We can now use the verb “invite” to mean a noun.

And there’s a harsher term than “defriend” now.

We don’t have to tell someone we got demoted, we can say we got “plutoed.”

I’m checking out some new slang and I think it will probably be added to the dictionary in a year or so. I love the term “adorkable” for the new computer dorks that are also adorable.

I also like the word “hangry” which means I’m mad and cranky because I’m hungry.
Hangry Man


So I have begun using my new word “luke.” It’s mainly used as a critique for movies and music. I didn’t love it or hate it but felt lukewarm about it. Kind of like this writing I did today…luke.

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