E is for EXTRA

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I’m proud to be a part of a wonderful organization called the Writers of Kern. They are having a “Blog Challenge” and I’m participating. I’m writing my normal two blogs per week but challenging myself to be prompted by the alphabet. Hope you can read all twenty six from A-Z. For more good reading check out the Writers of Kern’s Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/95572300558/


E is for EXTRA

“Extra, extra, Read All About It!”

Those words are gone, almost forgotten. Special editions of newspapers were hawked on the streets with those words. Wars, assassinations, natural disasters, and anything that would sell extra copies of newspapers.
Extra newsboy

Today we have moving banners across the bottom of our TVs announcing the most over-used two words in our language…”Breaking News.”

But I’m looking at that peculiar word EXTRA today. We say it every day. We see it ever day. It is a very popular adjective. It is derived from the word “Extraordinary.”

When it’s used as a noun there is certainly nothing extraordinary.
I have many friends who have been cast as “extras” in movies. A man on the street, a passing motorist, whatever. It’s fun, but not extraordinary.
And, unless you’re a regular, you have to stand in lines when they’re casting for “extras.”
extra casting call

Extra is also a town in West Virginia, but I won’t go there.
I mean I won’t go there.

I like extra helpings, extra salsa, extra hot, any extra strength pain reliever, and extra-large.

My olive oil must be extra virgin, I’d like extra credit on that school report, and could I have a couple of extra bucks for the tip.

You’re looking extra pretty today, hope you didn’t go to extra trouble and we found some extra things that need fixin’ under the hood. (oops)

I want extra time to finish things, an extra one free (or half-price) and extra butter, please.

I love it when I get and “extra” 25% off of the sale price. Wow, I must be saving so much money.
extra 3

Of course if it’s named “Extra” then it must be extra good.
Extra 4

I’m not sure this is what she wants for Valentine’s Day.
I could get in trouble, but my gosh how can a girl turn down an “Extra” wiener?
extra 5

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4 Responses to E is for EXTRA

  1. joanraymondwriting says:

    “Extra” awesome post today Dan. I’ll take the Extra gum, but not the hot dogs, even if they were get one free and another one free.

  2. Lol 🙂 Well, as Rizzo would say, I’ll take mine with relish 😉

  3. Jenny Estes says:

    When I read your posts I feel like I’m reading a “bathroom” book. You know, the kind with short, interesting, funny/informative facts. I really enjoy your style and wit, and encourage you to take your blog challenges and work them into good toilet book. I’d buy several for Christmas gifts!

    • bakoheat says:

      Well thank you for the encouragement. The thought of being with readers in one of their most intimate moments is weird. The second thought of helping them out when they see the roll is empty is comforting. I may have to write some bathroom books. I’m certainly well-versed in bathroom humor.
      And thanks for writing.

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