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Sing along with Willy
“Momma, don’t let your babies grow up to play football”

I love the game. I watch the game, both college and NFL. Somehow,  I feel right with the world when my team wins. I feel all manly and stuff.
Roaring testosterone.
Football Player

Teach your kids to throw a left-handed curve. Sink a three-pointer. Better yet, putt without the yips.

Even better yet, quit living your dreams through your kids. Give them good guidance. That guidance should be, “Don’t Play Football.”

We can get along fine with arthritic knees, hips, bad backs, tweeked necks and pain every morning we get up. We just can’t get along at all without our brain.

Our brains are incredible. We’re only just beginning to uncover the capabilities of the human brain.

Just last week, published in ‘e-Life,’ new discoveries about the storage capabilities of our brains. I can’t remember Jack S, but that has nothing to do with the tremendous amount of material our brains can store.

Scientists report our storage capacity is around One Quadrillion Bytes. Seriously. We have around 100 Billion neurons in our brain. Each one of makes over 1000 connections to other neurons adding up to over 100 TRILLION!!!

Why would you want to shake, rattle and roll that precious cargo? You will soon hear about new helmets, blah, blah, blah.
Football Player2

Two hundred and fifty pound high school kids still hit you like a truck.

Yes, there were ONLY about 200 plus concussions in the NFL this year.

However, there were over 200,000 plus concussion in kids playing football this year.

According to the Canadian Medical Associations’ study of 250,000 folks who experienced at least one concussion in their lives, even one concussion triples the possibility of suicide. Anyone who had a severe concussion and was admitted to the hospital was NOT studied. Just the everyday concussion:  “I saw stars”  “I was dizzy”  “I blacked out for a few seconds”…those types of concussions that kids get in football every day.

I had three concussions in high school football. With one I was unconscious for two minutes. It went on my record. Thank goodness, the two schools I applied for a football scholarship turned me down because of that record. (I wasn’t very good anyway, but there were a lot of easy scholarships to obtain in 1960)

The other disturbing fact of the concussion study was the high rate of depression among people who had at least one concussion.

Ninety One professional footballers who died donated their brains for research so far….
EIGHTY SEVEN had CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy)
Football Concussion

Bottom line: No football for your kids, grandkids, cousins, nephews.

One more thing:
I believe we are evolving constantly. I know germs and viruses are so we are too. Our ethics and morals evolve, too. I believe my great-great grandkids will be packed into giant stadiums watching NFL Robots play. And they will love it and feel manly when their team wins! (or girly)

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One Response to F is for FOOTBALL

  1. khotisarque says:

    Right on! Boxing used to be the same, lots of head injuries. Who boxes any more, except for a handful of desperate optimists? Motor-cycling without a helmet; I loved it when I was a teenager, compulsory helmets removed pretty much all the fun – but life’s no fun at all with a busted skull. The sooner the NFL reforms itself [or public opinion forces reform] the better.

    Powerful writing, thank you.

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