H is for HISTORY

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I’m proud to be a part of a wonderful organization called the Writers of Kern. They are having a “Blog Challenge” and I’m participating. I’m writing my normal two blogs per week but challenging myself to be prompted by the alphabet. Hope you can read all twenty six from A-Z. For more good reading check out the Writers of Kern’s Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/95572300558/

H is for HISTORY

In the past decade or so I have had the thought that when I grow up I want to be a History teacher at a University. The University has to be in a perfect climate, like Stanford, UC Irvine, San Diego State, or maybe Humboldt State.

There are so many meanings of the word “history” that I have spent a decade or so deciding what kind of history I might want to teach.

I love all kinds of history.

History can be a narrative of the past events of a country…The History of France.
It can be about people…The History of the American Indian…maybe an era, The History of the Earth, or a specific subject, “The History of the Sex life of the Ethiopian Field mouse.”

I’d also love to teach a college course that I make up brand new every year. I think I could fill classrooms. My course would be called
“Dr. Dan’s History in the Making.”
For the current 2015-16 enrolled year, my syllabus would contain:
A)        Steph Curry; Changing the Game of Basketball while Becoming the
Greatest Shot Maker in History.
B)        Donald Trump; The First Person since P.T. Barnum to Fool Some
of the People All The Time and Too Many People At Any Time.
C)        What Me Worry About Global Warming?; Study How the High Tides
are Getting Higher as We Count less Than  A Handful of Decades Before
the City  of Miami Beach Disappears.

I have many more “History In The Making” sections in my course, but I got sidetracked as I’m now thinking about a different kind of history I want to teach when I grow up.
I love the History of Rocks. OH? That’s Geology.

I want to be a college Professor teaching Geology when I grow up.

I  will never close the door on my “What I want to be when I grow up” mental queries. I have never had a clear focused path that led me through college, advanced degree and begin the career I prepared so diligently.
I love thinking about What I Want to Be When I Grow Up.”
Boy In Grass

I wasn’t always grateful for the non-reception of that perceived virtue. Most of my friends chose a path and walked down it and now retired. Their retirement consists of a chosen path they prepared for while doing the career they had prepared for.

Example: I want to be a doctor when I grow up. The kind of doctor who cuts people open and fixes them. A heart surgeon, maybe. I go through my degrees and specialty studies and become a heart surgeon. I find that I enjoy fishing on my off-days and start planning to get that cabin on that great bass lake in the mountains. I retire, get the cabin and fish all the time.
Doctor Surgeon

That’s what I mean, knowing where you’re going.
I was jealous for a few decades of people who seemed to have that gift, that virtue, that knowledge at a young age. I know where I’m going.

Nope, that was not me. Most of my careers, and I have had a few, were based on two different scenarios.

Number One: I was doing something and somebody said, “Why don’t you do this?” and I said, “Okay.”

Number Two: I was doing something and I looked out the window and saw this incredible green grass and I crawled through the window. Sometimes there was a door,  mostly I crawled through the window.
Grass is Greener

The green grass was luxurious.
The new something was a lot of fun.

And you know something else? I’m the happiest person I know.

Have a great weekend!

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6 Responses to H is for HISTORY

  1. Clarissa says:

    Not gonna lie. You ARE the happiest person I know. 😉

  2. khotisarque says:

    So true. I can recall friends from 50 or 60 years ago who knew, even then, exactyl what they wanted from life, and went ahead and did it [but nothing more]. They tend to be happy, stable people, often a little dull. On the other hand, some drifted, some raced and stopped, unfortunately many died; that group were sometimes far happier, more fulfilled though not necessarily more contented; and some were very unhappy indeed. There are adventurers and there are stay-at-homes, and I believe that what matters most is knowing yourself, recognizing which group you belong to, and accepting it as your overall fate; the details and implementation are up to you.

    Thank you for a thought-provoking insight, John.

  3. Jenny Estes says:

    I didn’t do life the conventional way either. I had adventures instead. But I must admit, at this age I’m a tad bit jealous of my friends and their healthy retirement pensions. I worked just as hard as they did….just not in one spot for thirty years. Ah well, life is what we make of it, and though I wish I had more resources so I could travel more, I’m quite content with where I am. Se la vie!

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