K is for Not Pronouncing


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K is for Not Pronouncing

We just had to do it. We humans invented our languages and then decided to add letters to our words that we didn’t need, use or pronounce.

Poor “K.”  We should use it when we Kick and Kill things. Or even when we do Kind things like Kiss each other, hug our Kids and pet our Kittens. We should use it when we feel Kinky and stare at Kim Kardashian’s Kiester.
Kims Butt

But no, we had to get complicated.
So we took poor “K” and abused it.

We Knurled our wood. We Knifed with it.

We Kneaded bread, We Knitted sweaters.

We Knocked on doors. We turned Knobs.

We bared our Knuckles, We Knighted our Knights.

We wore our Knickers. We Knotted our ties.

We filled our Knapsacks with plenty of Knick-Knacks.

Our Knees hurt when we Kneel.
Knee Pain

And we pretend we now Know.

I’ll tell you something I do KNOW.

This is the final abuse of that poor letter.

“K” has made the ultimate sacrifice.

I think we need to get over it.

I’m tired of it.

Let’s end this obsession with KALE!

OKAY?Letter K

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5 Responses to K is for Not Pronouncing

  1. This is so frustrating. My daughter is learning how to read and the silent k is torture. I can’t even explain it to her. The english language is so hard to teach.

  2. khotisarque says:

    We should all speak Spanish, where the letters are all honest. But though English spelling is lunatik, Spanish grammar is subjunktive.

  3. Jenny Estes says:

    Have you ever tried to learn French? They only pronounce half their letters!

    • khotisarque says:

      It is a well known medical fact that the French language is a disease of the throat and lips. Trying to learn the language is painful, but usually not fatal except in the case of Quebecois dialects.

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