L is for LOS or is it LAS

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L is for LOS or is it LAS

Sure I could have picked “Love” or “Laughter” or “something more juicy like “Lick.”

Yet the Spanish word for “the” is my friend and daily companion. I use it as much as the “the” word.

I think we use the word “the” more than any other.  It’s easier in English because we don’t care if the noun is male or female. “The” works just fine with any noun.

We even call all our freeways “the.” No people anywhere else do that strange thing, but we people in and of the land of fruits and nuts all do that. Anytime we get or give directions we say, “Take “the 170” exit off of “the 5” to “the 101.” It sounds normal to us.

Back to Los and Las.
If the noun is male, like the city, then it becomes Los Angeles. If the noun is female like the street where I live, it is spelled Las Flores. Whoops, not always true. I guess Vegas is female because it’s LAS. So is Las Cruces. Whatever.

I really don’t care what the noun’s gender is, but so many things I love are Los or Las.

So many things I love are in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles

I love the Los Angeles Philharmonic, maybe the best orchestra in the world.

While working in the music business in Los Angeles I became friends with Conrad Lozano, a great bass player with a great band I love…Los Lobos.
Los Lobos

Also in Los Angeles is a wonderful hillside neighborhood at the edge of Griffith Park called Los Feliz. I keep checking the homes for sale there. It’s on my target list.

After moving up to the bay area I wandered into Los Gatos. What an incredible city. Easy to fall in love with. Look at this cute downtown scene.
Los Gatos

But the love affair ends quickly…as soon as you check real estate, restaurant prices and anything else attached to your wallet.

Los Gatos has less than 30,000 people, but is one of the wealthiest communities in the USA. Here are a couple homes for sale if you’re interested. If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford them.
Los Gatos home

Los Gatos home2

A few nice vacation escapes we enjoy are Los Abrigados, our time share in Sedona, Arizona, and over on the Central Coast in Los Osos.

We are surrounded with LOS restaurants in Bakersfield, all good Mexican restaurants. Los Aguacates, Los Cabos, Los Molcajetes all good choices, but just a few blocks from my home, with a convenient drive-thru is good old Los Hermanos. In fact, It’s the true reason I picked LOS to write about. I was hungry.
I need to go there right now.Los Hermanos

Have a nice weekend!

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3 Responses to L is for LOS or is it LAS

  1. Robert D. Levinson says:

    Love the “land of fruits and nuts” line.Border extends at least to Oklahoma, believe California is headquarters. Maybe that’s why I’m homesick.

  2. Jenny Estes says:

    I go to Mazatlan for vacation every year. I get by with the Spanish language, but los and las often trip me up. It’s hard to know what inanimate objects are considered male or female. Enjoyed your post.

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