N is for NOWNESS

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I’m proud to be a part of a wonderful organization called the Writers of Kern. They are having a “Blog Challenge” and I’m participating. I’m writing my normal two blogs per week but challenging myself to be prompted by the alphabet. Hope you can read all twenty six from A-Z. For more good reading check out the Writers of Kern’s Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/95572300558/


N is for NOWNESS

How much more do we need? How much more can we take? Every day we are bombarded with videos of idiots…crashing bikes, running their skateboards into walls, allowing bulls to gore them.
Crash into tree

And just when we thought beauty was gone it returns… washing over us like gentle ocean waves. Making us smile. Allowing us to breathe.

Nowness appears each day screening the best of our culture. Videos of Dance, Art & Design, Fashion & Beauty and Music.

The video channel “Nowness” has been around since 2010. It grows more fantastic every day. It gives me those two or three minutes of beauty, sanity and wonder.

Watch one man, Jeremy Martinez, return us to our childhood when we explored the natural world around us. As children we imitated the movements of animals, trees, wind and waves. We allowed the waves to be our dance music.

Two minutes twenty two seconds.

Beauty, Wonder, Athleticism, Dance.

It’s going to be an exciting weekend. Be a part of it!

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