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“Have you stopped beating your wife?”

Don’t answer that…you lose either way.

“Question” is such a great word. I’ve been looking forward to delving into the word “question” because I’m a skeptic. I question everything. Don’t you? Shouldn’t you?
Should I go on?

Are we there yet?
We start questioning as youngsters and parents everywhere feel their heads spinning. Especially when they here, “Why?” And the poor kid usually hears, “Cause I said so.”
Questioning things is such a beautiful part of growing up.
Questioning Girl

As a salesman I learned to never ever ask a question that can be answered yes or no. It’s a good rule for anyone who truly wants to help someone because no information can be gathered with a yes or no answer. A salesman learns two types of questions, alternative and open end. Opened end questions allows one to gather information. “Can you tell me about your musical background?” “What kind of music would you like to learn to play?”

Alternative questions are very simple. No matter how you answer you’ve just bought my product. “Would you like that delivered tomorrow morning or Tuesday afternoon?” “Do you like the red one or the blue one?”

Sometimes we ask questions to make a polite request. “Would you please pass the salt?”
“Will you marry me?” I guess those two or slightly different polite requests.

Investigators and journalists learn to use the “Five Ws.”
Who, What, Where, When and Why? (They also have to ask “How?”)
After our parents and teachers have done their best we find our brain is loaded with information about the way the world works. We have been given many answers.
How do they fit with the information you have now gathered in your lifetime?
Questioning Brain

Have you thought about:
“Why are we here.”
“Is our Universe real?”
“Why is there something rather than nothing?”
“Do we have free will?”
“Is there life after death?”
“Does God exist?”
“Can you really experience anything objectively?”
“What is the best moral system?”
Questioning Woman

In the “Grapes of Wrath” Tom Joad gives a good reason to question things.”
He said, ” You’re bound to get ideas if you go thinking about stuff.”


Socrates made questioning the way to make us think about things. His so called “Socratic Method” was simply questioning everything.

Socrates may have already known the answers but his intellectual humility of asking questions to get to the truth is the way great teachers conduct their classroom experience.

For me, understanding the meaning of words is important. I look them up, I don’t guess at the meaning. Sometimes there are many meanings for big words.
I suggest look up those meanings too.

Let’s do an example.

Do you know the meaning of these important words?


Good, now we have four important words, words that represent actions and attitudes to beware of in people, don’t you agree?

Final question: (and I ask this in all humbleness and sincerity)

How could anyone elect someone to the Presidency of the United States, the most powerful, important job in the world, who is a Narcissistic, Machiavellian, Misogynistic Psychopath?




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7 Responses to Q is for QUESTION

  1. joanraymondwriting says:

    Love this post, Dan.
    I looked up your words before I offer this answer: I don’t know.
    And my question back: How can we got more people to become involved, really study what the candidates support, and cast an intelligent vote?

  2. dluhman says:


    All the best,


    Sent from my iPad


  3. heyannis says:

    Marvelous question, Dan. xoA

  4. khotisarque says:

    Answers to your final question:
    1) Ignorance of history/lack of imagination
    2) Because he sounds so good/strong/impassioned/wealthy…
    3) Anger and frustration with the party hacks
    4) Don’t give a damn any more
    5) Where’s a better choice?

    The candidate may fade away or be blocked, but those who have voted for him will still feel the same way; and at least some of their grievances are really well-founded.

  5. how could anyone elect someone to the Presidency of the United States, the most powerful, important job in the world, who is a Narcissistic, Machiavellian, Misogynistic Psychopath??

    Magoo we have done so in the past have we not?

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