R is for REASON

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R is for REASON

I was seventeen, halfway through my senior high school year. I think it was close to 2 AM, not sure. I was returning home from a “Frat-invite.” Purdue University was just a few miles across the river from my home. It was probably the fourth such “Frat-invite” I had attended. This one seemed to have more alcohol involved then the last three so it was probably the Phi Delts…they were heavy partiers. This had been a heavy party.
Drunk Teen

Well, not that heavy.

It was hard enough getting the key to fit the back door, but there sat Mom in her chair, arms crossed, eyes blazing. Now, the hardest part was starting. Her words made no sense to my crippled brain.

“What is the reason for this?” she stated.

How can one give a reason when one has no power to reason?

There is no ending to this story because I don’t remember what else happened except sleep.

Many years later my Father brought that night up when we were alone. He said he heard me fumbling at the back door and he was enjoying lying in bed waiting for Mom to begin her criminal cross-exam. The next sound he heard after I entered the back door was me whistling Mack The Knife. It was Number One on the Billboard Top Twenty and the only song he liked…not that damn Rock and Roll. He said he had to stifle his laughter in his pillow. He was mad at me, but liked my style.
Mack The Knife

The human faculty of “reason” is complicated. I certainly do not want to get into the various philosophers who wrote and still write what “reason” means. Much of the various usages of the word came about because of a weird translation of the original meaning. The Greek word “logic” was translated into the Latin word “ratio” and it was used to mean handling money. Than the French said, no, we translate this Latin word “ratio”  to “raison” and we English speakers come up with the word “reason.”

To make it more complicated all of the translations were used interchangeably so we had Thomas Hobbes using the word “ratiocination” as his word for reasoning.

Reason can still mean the excuse one comes up with to explain whatever needs explaining. Why you were late, why you forgot her birthday, why a teenager is half in the bag at 2 AM.

But the real use of the word lies in our psyche. Psyche is our mind, our little engine that has the power of intellect, thinking and cognition…you know, reasoning.

By the way, the Greek word for “psyche” is soul. Nothing else. It is our working brain, and yes it does die with our working body. At least it does if you use your reasoning power

Reasoning gives us truth, freedom, liberty…basically what is good or bad. It always has.

Cavemen knew it was wrong to hurt and kill another human, long before preachers told them so. Because of their psyche, their reasoning ability.

Reasoning is how we achieve our moral standing. Reasoning is how we learn to compromise.

Do our pets have the ability to reason?

I do like to watch my cat crossing the room heading for his food or a nap. It looks like he has a reason to be doing this. Then I like to call his name, watch him turn to me and completely lose his original reason for heading across the room.
An ear scratching is probably a better reason to change directions.

I do that because I can. Poor reason. Poor cat.
Cross-eyed cat

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2 Responses to R is for REASON

  1. Robert D. Levinson says:

    Sounds rational, I reckon.

  2. heyannis says:

    You’ve written about your mom before. I would have loved to have seen her on the night you describe. Thanks, Dan. xoA

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