Water is in the news constantly. It’s mostly bad news. There are droughts in many locations around the world. And then there are floods everywhere. Water is being poisoned by leaking chemicals, lead contamination or other means.
water 1


The bottom line is we don’t have enough water for our future population on this globe.  The water we started with when the earth was formed is the same water we have now. It doesn’t multiply itself like we humans do.

But the most interesting mystery to me is, “Where did the water come from to begin with?” Seventy percent of the earth’s surface is covered with water.
Water on earth

It couldn’t have existed when the earth was formed after the big bang. The earth’s surface was so hot that any water that might have been here would have evaporated. So we acquired it later when we cooled down. How?

There are many theories and as our scientific instruments and knowledge grows we come closer to the truths. I use plural because water was probably formed on earth by different means.

Astrophysicists’ calculations show we probably gained half our water by one or more huge interstellar clouds of cosmic dust which contained ice particles. This ice would have  settled here before our sun started blazing over 4.6 billion years ago. That means our water is older than our solar system.

The most intriguing information comes from water that is not H2O, at least in the normal sense. It is called heavy water and we are finding samples of it in Iceland and volcanic rock in Canada. The hydrogen atom of this heavy water has its twin, deuterium attached. Deuterium has a neutron in its nucleus that hydrogen does not. This heavy water can even be in your glass, no difference in taste or texture.
Water drops

This heavy water probably came from collisions of asteroids traveling through the solar system. This same heavy water is found in comets, on the moon, at Mercury’s poles, on Jupiter’s moon-Europa, and in the remains of Mar’s melts.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they find that drinking heavy water also leads to weight gain. I’m sure my faucets should be checked.

STAY HYDRATEDWater fat man

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