Gadgets Galore

I’m gadget happy. I love new innovative gadgets. I waste money on new innovative gadgets that I stop using when the innovative part wears thin. These gadgets usually cause more work and clean-up than I think about when I spring huge bucks for them.
Dirty Kitchen

Some people collect guns, golf clubs, coins, vinyl, bowling balls, whatever. I collect gadgets and gizmos. All collections cost money, gadgets cost fortunes.

Sometimes I have to store nice workable gadgets for newer, more innovative gadgets. For instance I have a nice Favola Coffee Machine in storage. It was replaced by a Keurig. However, I just gave the Keurig away because the new 2.0 Model 575 Keurig is my newest gadget. I mean it makes Hot Cocoa, the old one wouldn’t. I need my Hot Cocoa.
Keurig 575

I still love my Cuisinart Food Processor. Once in a while I will buy a new fancy cutting blade, so I had to add a separate storage box to hold all the accessories.

The Cuisinart is squeezed for counter space because I love my Vitalizer Plus which makes hexagonally structured drinking water…really!
Vitalizer Plus

My new Aroma Rice Cooker is very cool. It has a steamer on top and makes incredible rice that lasts for many meals. It is squeezed for counter space by a fairly new Crock Pot. Yeah, the new Crock Pots are fantastic. I stored my smaller Crock Pot.

I moved the toaster oven to the garage. It’s right next to that damn big Ronco Rotisserie oven. I need to make room for my Hamilton Beach Convection Oven that also has a broiler, rotisserie and regular oven settings. It cooks a perfect CPK pizza in about 12 minutes.

We keep the nine-tray Excalibur Dehydrator in the guest bedroom. My wife makes unbelievable raw treats like crackers, cookies and dried fruit. I’m glad it doesn’t take my precious kitchen counter space.
Excalibur Dehydrator

I stopped using our juicer. It’s stored. It was a dandy juicer. The Fountain Plus model by Breville. But, I hated the cleanup every time I used it, which was every morning for about a year. That was enough hours. I gave up. The washing and chopping of fruits and vegetables and then the washing of the various parts of the juicer…ugh.

Now I see a new very expensive juicer gadget that just hit the market. This thing is the ultimate. NO CLEAN UP. NO CHOPPING. NO WASHING. NO KIDDING!!

This thing is just too cool, innovative, and precious. It’s called the Juicero.


I’m in the contemplative stage. No buying signs yet.

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