Nine Steps to Google Happiness

Most of us use Google to search. Here are nine tips to make the search quicker, easier and more accurate. By the way, these tips work on any search engine.

These are COOL ideas to keep on file.Cool sign

#1) Sometimes a search is cumbersome if you’re not sure of the correct wording. By putting OR (caps) in between your possibilities of choices it will get you answer quickly. (The Apprentice’s Sorcerer OR The Sorcerer’s Apprentice)

#2) Right next to your #1 key (Also the Exclamation Point key) is the Google synonym key. This is a great tool for search engines. If you need to cover all bases in your search this is the magic key.  If you put engineering~university, you will get rankings of Engineering schools plus lists of Universities with engineering courses…very cool.

#3)  Exact Term or Phrase in parentheses. If you’re looking for a guy named Joe Smith. Search by “Joe Smith” and Google will only give you people with that first and last name. Sometimes just putting the two names there will get you names in reverse order.

#4)  Leave out terms. If you don’t want a list of the Joe Smith Tools dealers, then search by “Joe Smith” –tools. The minus sign will leave out those other guys.

#5)Another cool search key is the asterisk. It’s powerful. They work as a wildcard in your search engine. It’s like a blank tile in Scrabble. For instance if you search for engineering* you will get engineering schools, games, companies and everything to do with engineering.

#6)Search between two values. This requires two dots (periods) and one space. For instance if you want all the Vice Presidents between 1890 and 1950 you would search like this.

Vice president 1890.. 1950

#7) Search within the site you are in. Most websites have poor search engines. I have spent 20 minutes inside my local newspaper’s website searching for a story I know I read. They can never find it. Google finds it quickly. So, let’s say you’re looking for a story about a deputy who beat up a koala bear. While you’re inside the site, for instance your local newspaper, use this wording. deputy beats koala

#8) You can search within the URL you are visiting also. Google is great. Let’s say you’re looking for some text in over 30 pages of text. Use this terminology.
intext: (the phrase or words you’re looking for)
inurl: (will search within the URL)
intitle: (will search within the title page you are visiting.

#9) Search for Related Sites. Using the word “related” in this format with find similar sites you may be interested in. Let’s say you are reading the National Review and you would like to read other conservative magazines. Here’s how to find them quickly.


Hope those tips help you to faster and more reliable searches.

Good Hunting, Will.

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8 Responses to Nine Steps to Google Happiness

  1. joanraymondwriting says:

    Thanks Dan. Love all these tips!

  2. fiddlrts says:

    Great suggestions.

  3. Mandy says:

    Loving this. I put it up on Pinterest so other people can benefit too!
    (It’s over here if you’re interested:

  4. Anne Hagan says:

    More than 10 years ago, I did a course for recruiters on advanced search techniques. A lot of this stuff was included. Over the years, I’d forgotten quite a bit of it so I appreciate the refresher. I’d like to add a couple of helpful links if I may (from Google itself): will give you some guidelines on search operators you can use on the site, will tell you how to set up search filters, gives you the advanced search page for website searches and, finally, is Google’s advanced search function for images.

    Happy searching!

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