There are all kinds of tests we must pass as we journey through life’s game.

Our tests in school measure our abilities in each subject. I hated to take tests.

I always had to cram.Tests 8

And then when test day was here I had this little problem with my brain. It was like one of the laws of science.
Tests 6

Sometimes my teachers called me a smart-ass. It was many years before I figured out that was not a compliment.
Test 2

Tests 4

I remember a test I saw in college.
Tests 5

When I was old enough to take care of a pet I got a dog. He had to have tests.
Tests 9

I had a German Shepard for awhile but he was too much to handle. I gave him to the police academy and he had to take more tests.

Tests 10

I should give you a test. This is very easy. You can complete this in about 15 seconds.
Good Luck!
Test 3


When we get older, like my age,  the tests get weirder.
Tests 7

Then there is that ONE BIG TEST you never want to fail.
The DUI test.

There are three ways to fail a DUI test. So be careful.
Let me be helpful and show you the three ways you might fail.

Click here and go FULL SCREEN.



Have a great week!

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