In SoCal all major roads and freeways are considered unique objects, like the sky, the earth, the moon, the pope.
I know this is weird, but you get used to it after 35 years.

Therefore in SoCal we always refer to these roads with a “the” in front. I took the 99 to the 5, exited onto the 170 to the 101 and got off on the exit to the Bowl.

There’s only one “bowl” and it’s not the one you ate your Raisin Bran in this morning.

The Hollywood Bowl is one of the most incredible concert venues in the USA. It’s nestled into a natural bowl in the Hollywood Hills with the Hollywood sign in the far background. At sunset it is beautiful.

The Bowl was built in 1920 with makeshift wooden benches for the audience and a simple awning over the stage. In 1927, Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright, designed a pyramidal shaped stage, but it only lasted for one season. In 1928 another Wright design was tried but didn’t do the job for this huge venue. In 1929 the shell was built that lasted until 2003.

The current shell was built and opened in 2005. It is a product of our increased knowledge of technology and sound. Let me just say, no matter where you sit, the sound is amazing.

Sound engineers know that sound travels faster over a wire than naturally so there are speakers pointed at various sections of the audience and they are tuned to make the sound arrive at the same exact moment the people in the first few rows hear it.

We’re talking 17, 500 people all hearing every note perfectly.
Hollywood Bowl 6

And that’s how it was last Saturday as we watched the 2016 Playboy Jazz Festival. The MC was George Lopez and music started promptly at 3pm and ended at 10pm. Great groups, great sound, great fun.
Playboy Jazz

It was typical L.A.
Beach balls flying around, dozens of people in every section throwing cheap Mardi Gras beads. Dozens more were tossing jello shots.

And always drifting over the crowd was the unique pungent earthy smell of weed.

We’ll be back in September for Jeff Lynne and ELO. All three shows are already sold out.



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