If you’re an “apple” kind of girl or guy my recommendations might not work. I’m an “android” guy and wouldn’t trade my apps for yours. However I do think these apps are applicable to both.

Can you imagine saying that first sentence 20 years ago? They would have locked me up.

Apps are confusing. They are about everything and nothing. They are helpful and hurtful. Some are free, some aren’t.

I have three free apps I’m happy with that might be right up your alley. (another dumb expression I need to lose along with “I’d give my right arm” and “For sure.”)

I have used “Quicken” on my desktop computer for many years. It’s expensive, difficult to set up and manage and a pain in the butt. I’m not talking about Quicken Books which is a fine program for a small business. I’ve also had experience with it and love it.

  1.  Recently I downloaded a free app called:

It is an excellent app to do your family budget. Simple, quick and fun. It will sync easily with your bank accounts, will alert you with text or email if you desire to know when bills are due or money can be saved. Mint will provide quality graphs of your budget and goals.


It will also track your credit score. Mint is not an app to track your investments so forget about that. About the time I thought this is the future app of financing, so did Intuit (the company that owns Quicken). Quicken bought MINT but so far it is free and a quality product. Try it!

2)  I have talked about “waze” many times and it keeps getting better. Yes, it too is owned by Google Maps, but it’s Google Maps with an attitude, humor and better information.


It tells me when “Police” are spotted ahead. Also if there is a wreck or a car pulled to the side of the road. And of course it speaks to me in whatever language and voice I prefer. Right now I have the very-British “Kate” announcing my next round-a-bout. My wife has Colonel Sanders directing her. Do use “waze.” It’s an excellent free app.

3)  Last, but not least (another dumb phrase) is a wild and crazy app called “ifttt.”

It stands for “If This Then That.” This app may be your answer to saving time for productivity.


It allows you to set up a “recipe” and it will do the entire task for you when you want it to. Like: automatically turn on your home lighting or heating/cooling system, automatically update your wallpaper to NASA’s image of the day, save a copy of new photos to Dropbox, receive weather reports at a certain time, etc. A very cool time-saving app.

So try them out if you wish, they are not rocket science (Oh, no…another stupid phrase…why are they in my brain?)

Have a great week or if you prefer, Have a Nice Day!

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