New Tech Goodies

Many new very cool products are hitting the marketplace. A few need more funds to advertise. Here are two that I believe will be big winners.

First, for my cold winter friends and family, the finest heated hoodie ever. It’s done the right way and very nice looking.
Ravean Hoodie

It is called RAVEAN.

There are hoodies for men and women and looking to hit a price point under $100. A small 5 volt battery is carried in an inside pocket to do the heating.  And yes, it does have a cell charger too. The battery will last seven hours.
Ravean battery


A small button inside the lapel area is pushed for low-medium-hi temperatures. No worries about it getting wet and electrocuting you. I saw the company owner jump in a pool with the hoodie turned to high. They also make an heavy down-filled heated jacket.
This might be the perfect football game wear this winter.


This camera is the most revolutionary photo product ever.  I had a good buddy who spent thousands of dollars many years back for one camera, a single lens reflex, and several lenses including a zoom.
Here’s a camera for under $1000 that is SIXTEEN cameras in one including a zoom.
Light Camera

Ten lenses fire simultaneously with multiple fixed focal lengths that are computationally fixed to create an incredible high quality final image.
Here are two images taken with the LIGHT L16 Camera.
Light 1Light2


This LIGHT L16 camera is like having a camera body, a zoom lens and three fast primo lenses in your pocket. There is on board editing and built in Wi-Fi so sharing your amazing images is a touch away.

Have a great weekend! Stay Cool out west.

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