Felis Catus

I hope everyone has a safe and sane 4th.  Enjoy your family and friends.


I have one of those things above. It is the official Latin term for “domestic cat.” Now you know where the cartoonist for Felix the Cat got his name. BTW: the official Latin classification for a feral cat is: felis silvestris catus. And so that’s how Sylvester the Cat got his name.

My cat has no Latin name, just KC. He’s mad at me now. We’ve left him for two weeks and we’ll only be home for 48 hours and we’re leaving him again for another week. He’s a lap cat so no affection and attention is being given to one who craves both. That’s not entirely true because our twice a day cat watcher does love him and give him some physical attention, but it’s not the hours every evening that he looks forward to.

Cats are weird. Each one is different and I can only speak for the one I have. I don’t own him, nobody owns a cat, but I feed him and let him reside with me. Johnnie, our friend and cat-watcher, texted us a couple pictures of him so we know he’s doing fine.

After a few days of the stupid firecrackers firing off he might not look so alert.

He goes and comes as he pleases. He has a tiny microchip in his neck which is read by his cat flap in the wall. It unlocks when it recognizes him.

I’m amazed at how these little domestic or feral animals have evolved from the wildcat they all evolved from. Their hearing is fantastic…much better than a dog or human. They have a 10 ½ octave range of hearing. They hear ultrasound highs which is the frequency rodents communicate in. Yes, they can hear mice and rats talking.

Cats can’t smell in as big a range as a dog, but their range is twice that of humans. What they can’t do like us is taste. We humans have around nine thousand taste buds on our tongues. Cats have less than 500. Cats have no taste for sweetness. Their taste buds do allow them to taste and smell things we humans can’t.

Their eyesight is also great with their night-vision thing going for them. They just need 1/6 of the light level a human needs to see. However these little fur balls can’t see much color. Don’t bother buying them that cute red ball that attracts you, cats can’t see red. Red looks green to them and most colorful things they see in yellow and green tones.

As science has improved dietary and veterinary medicine for cats their lifespan has increased a great deal. In the early 1980s, only 35 years ago, the average lifespan of a cat was seven years. By 1995 it had expanded to 9 ½ years. In 2014 the average cat’s life was 12-15 years. There are reports of many surviving now into their 30s. Our last cat lived over 21 years. The longest living cat, Crème Puff, was verified to have lived 38 years.

Cats need more sleep than most animals. Somewhere between 12 and 16 hours a day with fourteen hours being the average. Some cats will sleep up to 20 hours a day.

If it was possible I would like to trade lives with my cat for just 24 hours.

I especially like the sleeping part.

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