Nun for You

I don’t need a lot to be happy. Maybe seventy two degrees, vineyard-lined hills, a glass of Zin and my honey. Throw in a beautiful condo, balcony, and a Jacuzzi in the bedroom and I’m in heaven.

Last week I was looking forward to seven days of all of the above. On the first day of heaven my true love gave to me: My own nun staring in my window.

Thinking I must be dreaming about my old schoolboy Catholic guilt I rounded the corner to the restaurant and saw a sign…actually dozens of signs everywhere:
Napa Institute

They were everywhere. 500 priests and nuns gathered in the most luxurious hotel in Napa. It was called the Napa Institute. I know what I called it.

“Let’s finish our job straightening out that horrible ornery Danny-boy.”

They were all there, back to crack my knucklesNun with stickNun2
                                                                             Correct my spelling


Every night my dreams were filled with scary nun pictures and some not so scary
Nun 7


I then realized–Here I am in Napa Valley tasting fine wines.

But everything I knew about wine I learned from Catholic school.
My tasty Zinfandel started tasting like that altar wine I used to drink when the priest turned his head.

.Altar wine

I dreamed about terrorists and wondered if they realized what was in store for them.


I saw some of my old teachers. Like Sister Mary Gotcha.
nun drinking wine4

I swallowed my guilt and a lot more wine and enjoyed the week. As I was pulling out of the resort I waved to my eight grade nun and she waved back.

Nun 1 It was a wonderful vacation.

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  1. notliz1 says:

    Enjoyed this one!!

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