Peeing is Believing

There’s a company called Ultra Tech. Since the 1980s they have been a pioneer in spill containment products. Most of their products are necessary in the oil business world. Their products are vast from drain seals to large spill vacuums.
spill vac

They also make a product for oil and mining companies to help seal machinery and pumps against corrosion. The product is described as a superhydrophobic and oleophobic coating. Sounds like Mike Pence’s core belief system. But it’s not.

This product has almost magical properties in it.  The product, called Ultra Ever-Dry creates high-points on the surface it’s painted on and forcefully repels liquids.
Think about that. Paint this stuff on a wall.
Forcefully repels liquids.
Hmmmm…wonder what would happen If I pee on that wall.

The first city to buy the product was Hamburg, Germany. Actually it was a neighborhood community in Hamburg that was situated near St. Pauli, a nightlife district. It seems many people came out of the nightclubs and bars and peed on the walls. The people painted their walls with Ultra Ever-Dry and put up a sign that said, “Wir pinkeln zuruck.” (We Pee Back). Sure enough if one peed on the wall the wall would forcefully pee back on their shoes and pants.

A man urinates in the street during a night out in Newcastle, northern England May 3, 2009. REUTERS/Nigel Roddis (BRITAIN SOCIETY)

San Francisco has now coated walls all over the Tenderloin District where the majority of homeless folks camp out. Yes, it has worked, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. So of course the real answer is to provide outdoor johns. That is also being done.

I was in Berkeley last week and read about a local facilities manager who painted a pee-stained wall in an alley. He then posted a sign reading, “I’ll Pee Right Back at You If You Try,” signed, “Mr. Wall.”

Outdoor urination has been punished in various ways in various cities. I love, not really, the solution in the city of Chester in the U.K. It sounds so very British. The offending pee person is first spotted by cameras installed in various locations. They are arrested and given two options. Pay a 400 pound fine. OR pay a 50 pound fine and go on a pioneering heritage awareness course. Folks call it the “Walk of Shame.” That is working quite well.

In Brussels it is a 250 Euros fine. Most cities in the USA have some kind of a fine, but in eleven states you can be registered as a sex offender for peeing in public.  HOW STUPID!

I have a better idea.
Let’s MAKE the public pee doers paint their pee-wall with “pee back paint.”
pee on wall 2

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