When Does He Leave the Building?

I can’t shake Elvis. I know that sounds sacrilegious to some fans, but the “king” has been gone 39 years this month. He has been dead almost as long as he lived. He was forty two when he died. Do the math. He would have been 82 next January.

Yet, every time I check famous dates in history it seems something was always happening to or about Elvis. Today, August 1 shows three things in history that point to Elvis Presley.

On this day in 1960, the East German newspaper, “Young World,” named Elvis Presley “Public Enemy #1.”  That’s downright mean. Especially when Elvis had the Number One song on this day in history, “It’s Now or Never.”  Of course that was just 3 months after he had the Number One hit, “Stuck on You” and four months before his next Number One hit, “Are You Lonesome Tonight.”

Also on this day in history in 1994 an extremely bizarre announcement was made. Elvis’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley announced that she had secretly married Michael Jackson 11 days earlier in the Dominican Republic. Weird!
Lisa and Michael

But one of the weirdest coincidences in book publishing history happened on this day. And yes, it was all about Elvis.

Early in 1977, Elvis’s father, Vernon, at the bequest of Elvis, fired three of his body guards. One of the body guards had been Elvis’s closest friend since high school. The three guys were pissed. They supposedly had seen the way Elvis was abusing drugs, alcohol and food. They stood up to him and for that they got fired.
I believe Elvis was a little on the heavy side then.
Fat Elvis

The three body guards contacted a gossip columnist for the National Star magazine to tell their inside story about Elvis. The guy told them they had a book deal. They started writing this tell-all story about Elvis and his sex life, his drug and alcohol abuse and his relationship with the three guys. Elvis found out they were writing the book and offered each of them $50,000 to stop writing it. That was a lot of money in 1977, probably more than they would each make on whatever sales they could muster. They talked it over and told Elvis NO.

On this date in history, August 1st, 1977, the book was released. 
Elvis What Happened

Two weeks later, Elvis fell off his toilet with a hamburger in his mouth and died.
Almost overnight the book sold Three Million copies.

Timing in life is everything.
——Leonard Maltin

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