Looking Back and Ahead

I’m not sure what it is with old farts. We seem to always talk about the past.
Back in the day. Blah blah, blah.
And I’m at it again.

Sometimes I’ll look at the “This Date in History” website. Most days, ehhhh.

But today, as I read entry after entry, I saw history being changed for all who came after this date in history. Let me explain.

On August 12, 1851, Isaac Singer was issued a patent on the double-headed sewing machine.  Think about that. How that changed our clothing options, our creative options and job options. And yes, it did add another chauvinistic line item on the jobs the little missus has at home. Mr. Singer formed a company in New York City and began selling sewing machines for $100 each. Within four years he had expanded to Scotland and became America’s first International Company. Now there’s a trivia answer not many people would know. From that date forward all our lives were changed.
Here is a fancy model like my Mom owned in 1939
1939 Singer

But, just five years later, August 12, 1856, another YUGE patent was granted to Anthony Fass. I’m sometimes reluctant to admit how much it changed my life. I’ll only let you guess. His patent was for a machine called the accordion.
1-Pat and Dan

On August 12, 1877, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph and made the first sound recording. That also changed my life, and yours. We finally were able to listen and record anything from words to music. Incredible.

1908, August 12 showed us the very first Model T rolling off of Henry Ford’s assembly line. He did what he promised, provide an automobile that his own workers could afford to buy. History will show this as a profound step in putting America on wheels and supercharging the economy. What history may not talk about is the fact that the Model T was a piece of crap. With its blacksmithed body panels and crude instrument panels the Model T was the Yugo of its time.
Model T

An Olympic appropriate story. On August 12, 1928 the Women’s 800 meter was finishing up in Amsterdam. 800 meters is a tad less than ½ mile. Several women collapsed. The Olympic committee (who were never the world’s smartest folks) immediately banned women’s running events over 200 meters (1/8 mile). Seriously. That ban stayed in effect for 32 years. Yes, it was 1960 before poor frail women were allowed to race more then 1/8 of a mile.

On this date, August 12, 1981 serious life changes took place for each of us. We got an announcement from IBM that the first PC (PC5150) was for sale. The operating system, PC-Dos 1.0, came with a whopping 16K of memory. The price was $1565.
How much memory is 16K?
THIS PICTURE IS 80K (I use it because Facebook will probably put it on top and who can resist looking at a baby picture?)
Baby pic

Another reason I should have gone to Brazil for the Olympics.
On this date, August 12, 2005, police detained four men in connection with one of the worlds’ biggest heists. Brazil’s Central Bank was robbed of $70 million. They recovered two million from the four. In 2008 they got the ring leader and another 8 million. Still $60 million somewhere hidden in Brazil and I’m sitting at home. I could have used the Olympics as an excuse to go hunting for gold.

I mentioned in my title about looking forward. Yes, today will go down in history and my grand kids will probably be talking about it when they are my age.

TODAY, AUGUST 12, 2016, will go down in history. The announcement today by the Clyde Beatty-Cole Brothers Circus is legendary. They have hired Mike Pence to appear in all their parades walking behind the elephants shoveling their shit.
His effective employment date is November 9th. They said he seems prepared based on his current resume. Unfortunately, Ringling Brothers, the first place Mr. Pence applied, turned him down because their LGBTQ polices are in direct conflict with Mr. Pence’s anti-gay views.
Mr. Pence has agreed to wear a clown suit.
Mike Pence

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