School Dazed

The first thing that was very weird was walking through the throngs of guys and gals and feeling like I was at a funeral. So quiet.

The last time I remember walking across a college campus there was a low hum which increased to a full scale din when I got to the middle of the pack.

The din was caused from people talking to other people. Today it was just quiet, because every head was buried in their phone, texting, checking Facebook, mail, whatever.

Even the crowd to the right of the screen waiting to buy $1 tacos would forget to look up to order. It’s the way it is.

The second thing that was weird was trying to figure out what the hell I was doing there. Carrying my bag, loaded with my thick book, syllabus, notebook, pens, laptop, working up a ninety five degree sweat after the one mile walk across campus. Not a pretty sight.
sweaty manSweat is crying

The third thing that was weird was sitting among my class of forty plus teens…and me.  I was thinking of this political season and the fact that every person in the room had only experienced two presidents, and one of the two was when they were in grade school. Number 3 was 75 days away. I was working on President number 13.
Doesn’t make me wiser, but a hell of lot older.

Yeah, I’m back in college again, just a class this semester. Stuff I need to know.

Technology didn’t pass me by. I’ve kept up with what I needed in life. Computers, tablets, smart phones, apps, 4K-UHD smart TV. But, there were a few things I decided I didn’t need to learn about. Now I do.

The one thing I want to learn about is MIDI. Never thought I wanted to learn about it, or need it. Now I want to learn what I missed and use this knowledge to have a little more fun making music.

MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) is a technical standard that describes a protocol, connectors and digital interface that allows my keyboards, computers and other fun things to talk to each other.

Playing a keyboard was always an analog thing for me. Even though I bought a new keyboard that could be used as a MIDI hookup, I wasn’t interested in messing with that stuff. I just pounded the keys, made some music and that seemed enough.

It isn’t, I want to make some new sounds and create them myself. That’s why I’m back in college taking a Music Technology class.

What’s wonderful is it is a brand new class, new electronic pianos, huge personal Apple screens and a great professor.

Sometimes we come full circle.
I have become what those high school nuns always called me.

BC Renegades

Oh, well.

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