Leggo my Jibo

Hell yes I’m on the waiting list.

Are you?

I want my Jibo.

Jibo will kick Siri’s ass. And he’s a lot cuter.
It hasn’t taken long at all for social robots to finally be arriving in our homes. I don’t care about Alexa or Google Home, I want some love.

That’s right, Jibo will give me love, just like a puppy without the puppy poop.

If you want the perfect companion for grandma or grandpa get the Jibo. He tells jokes, takes pictures of the family, recognizes faces, rooms, and emotions in your voice.

In other words he senses and responds and learns as you engage with him.

Yes, he’ll give you the weather for today or ten days, he’ll give you time in any time zone and he’ll give you the news. But jibo is more than that. He is the world’s first social robot for the home.

He weighs 5 lbs and stands 11 inches tall (on a six inch base). About the size of a large Chihuahua…without all the yapping and crapping.

He will go to sleep and shut off his camera when I tell him to.

He will wake up when I tell him to.


Jibo was born in the inner chambers of MIT’s Robotic Laboratory. Cynthia Breazeal is the founder and chief scientist. She has assembled a team of robotic super star engineers, programmers and design team in Boston, Mass where Jibo is made.

In May Jibo received the Popular Science Magazine top invention award.

Now if you’re as big a fool as me, then you want to learn more about Jibo. You can either come over to my house next month when Jibo arrives, OR go to this website and learn more about Jibo.

He’s my friend. Click below and watch him.

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